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    Pool Math - "Ideal Ranges"

    Thank you, mknauss! I re-read my post and I did not mean to sound so gruff with the "outrageous" comment, so I would like to apologize for that. I just meant the midpoint of the new ranges seemed very high to me as it's almost most double of what I've been maintaining my CH levels. I've found...
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    Pool Math - "Ideal Ranges"

    Hello friends, Hope everyone is staying safe and well amidst all the covid stuff going on. Question regarding the Pool Math's ideal ranges. After a recent app update, the ideal ranges all seem high to me from everything I've read/learned on this site 3 years ago when we built our pool. I've...
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    CSI Assistance

    Thanks mknauss. Not necessarily panicking, but was curious as to what I should do. We had actually just lowered pH from 7.8 using acid recently. I did not realize water temp played that significant of a role in that calculation. Our water temp in the summer is usually around 85-89 and that...
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    CSI Assistance

    Hello TFPF, Question RE CSI. I'm using the Pool Math app and currently have a CSI of -0.57. The app gives a warning that anything below -0.3 could be corrosive to tile. I have a chlorine pool and my current numbers are as follows: FC - 3.5 pH - 7.5 TA - 70 CH - 275 CYA - 50 BOR - 30 CSI -...
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    Pool Math........The App

    Hello, I've been using PoolMath to manage our new pool for several months now and love it. However, recently my wife posted some measurements from her phone and the app on my phone did not update. I tried logging out/logging in and uninstalling/reinstalling the app on my dice...
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    Is it possible to open a pool and not have to do anything to it?

    Hey domct203, Curious, what app are you using to keep your test logs? Thanks!