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    Solid Winter Pool Cover Sagging

    Hi I just had a brand new solid winter pool cover installed. it has bungees installed every 18 inches. It is not a safety cover. I keep a drain pump in the center at all times. Is it supposed to have some sag, even when pumped nearly dry? When wet, it seems to have a lot of sag. Thanks!
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    High Alkalinity Plaster Pool

    Hi My pool builder performed an in pool acid wash a few weeks ago, dropped my pH very low. Prior to the acid wash, I had perfect pool chemistry. They reversed the process with Soda Ash and my Alkalinity has been sky high ever since. I have been adding small amounts of muriatic acid almost...
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    Wifi control of Sta-Rite (Pentair) Max-E-Therm

    Hi Is there a simple way for me to control my heater from my iPhone/tablet? I know I can go the route with Pentairs intellitouch or easytouch - I would have to buy the controller + the additional wifi system? $$$ Is there a simple solution? Wondering if this might work...
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    Footprints in Brand New Plaster Pool

    Hi Just had a brand new concrete pool put in our yard. Plaster one day, acid wash and fill the next. There are a few issues that I am wondering about: 1 - footprints - white footprints that look like work boot soles from the deep end up to the shallow end and steps. 2 - lines from the...