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    Wiring Woes

    Hey Folks, My pump timer (Intermatic T104P) stopped working, resulting in me having to manually turn it on/off. I decided to replace it with the GE Smart Z-Wave 40-Amp Switch so I could get into automation. The pump is configured for 220 and fed by two 20 amp breakers with a neutral wire (4...
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    Concrete Stain vs. Acrylic Deck Paint

    Now that our pool is refinished, we're going to resurface the concrete deck. It has textured knockdown with a 12-year old concrete stain. The PB recommended two coats of 100% acrylic paint, and not to re-coat with concrete stain. He said that stain actually holds more dirt and mold in the...
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    Plaster manufacturer wants 7.0-7.2 pH at start-up- why?

    Hey, The manufacturer of my quartz finish (Pre Marbelite Mix Marquis) says this on their warranty page: "Afterwards [start-up], balance the pool water to the above noted water parameters. Check the pH several times per week for the first few weeks and add pool acid pre-diluted to the deep end...
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    The Numbers Game - TA and CH levels for new plaster

    We're very excited to have a new quartz surface in our pool. It was filled one week ago and I have been doing tests and balancing twice a day using my TF100 to maintain the levels. I'm having a hard time deciding what numbers to use. The NPC start-up guide (from here...
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    Need a quick answer - is my contractor doing this right?

    Hello, We are in the middle of our long-awaited resurface job and I'm seeing some concerning things. Our old plaster required a total chip out, but the sub contractor did leave what seemed to me like around a 15% coverage of old plaster on the final chipped out surface. Today, the subs...
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    Hi from Orlando

    Hi, This is Mike Himes. We have lived in Orlando for 9 years and each year we say we'll refinish the pool- haha. It still looks like money for that is sometime off, so we'll have to make do. Looks like lots of great info at this forum. Thank you for you time and expertise. Mike
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    Help with SLAM

    Hello All, Thank you for this forum. I've learned a lot in reading the posts, but have some questions now. I'll start by saying this pool is old and badly needs to be re-plastered. There are pit marks and rough patches all over the pool that harbor algae (probably 30 altogether). To make...