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    Small skimmer leak help

    This is a builders warranty issue. Don't muck about with it. Report it to him till its fixed.
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    Slight green color first day whenever I do weekly add of fill water

    Sure would be I am certain. But how many times would it be come across? If chlorine clears it the assumption would be it is organics of some sort likely algae, but could be something else. Organic chemistry is too hard to work out to know for sure. I forgot to pool slight...
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    Slight green color first day whenever I do weekly add of fill water

    Not wanting to belabour the point, the water may appear clear in small amounts even a bath may not look off colour but the actual colour shows up ina larger water body like the pool perhaps.
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    Spa water chemistry

    How are you testing? When you say hardness at a good level what is that level? A few days is a week or three? Has the spa been used?
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    Slight green color first day whenever I do weekly add of fill water

    First guess would be iron. It reacts with chlorine to create a green colour for a day or so. However the lab returned 0. Is that ferrous or ferric iron at 0? Could it just be the well water is green after treatment and the chlorine needs time to work? The 12 hours is simply turnover and...
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    Metal Treatment with AA and Metal Magic

    Where is the iron coming from? Do you happen to know what form it is?
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    Help - before I lose my mind - Hayward DE Filter backwash port

    I would try reticulation shop or farm supplies perhaps. Yes that's it
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    Spa jets with blower push water up and over sides

    Classic blower too large issue. What happens is the blower is sending too much air to the jet, instead of 'jetting' the air overwhelms the jet and comes out in great clumps thinking of it as kind of burping. The air rises up next to wall and water overflows. Slowing the air down is the only...
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    Pump and filter part identification

    First off I suggest finding a store that sells a sticker for the top of the multiport it will save you a lot of guessing. Looking at the valve the position the handle is in, from the photo looks like filter. This is the normal run position. 180 degrees from this is backwash. So to backwash...
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    Disneyland Paris hotel pool poisoned guests!

    I think it depends on country. From my personal observations having worked across numerous countries, commonwealth countries as a general rule have an enforceable health regulatory framework applying to these facilities. This seems to be missing in the non commonwealth countries.
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    ph keeps returning to 6.5

    The tablets are isocyanuric based chlorine one with floc in the other without. There is no discernible difference between the two products. The tablets are lowering the pH of the pool. They have too. Its part of their chemistry, and are not pH stabilised. Something else not that it...
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    Help - before I lose my mind - Hayward DE Filter backwash port

    Not sure about Lowes. The fitting you want we call a 2 inch hose tail. Here they are made from Poly but could be PVC. POLY BSP TAIL
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    ph keeps returning to 6.5

    Try a different test kit. The Aquacheck is a strip reader and test strips are notoriously unreliable.
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    Main Drain Full of Anoxic Sediment

    Best guess is given its age it is/was a hydrostatic valve. When I started in the industry we fitted them often and often capped them off to prevent leaking pools. I would guess this is what you may have.
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    Possible to slow down spa blowers?

    This is because the blower is connected to the venturi pipe on the jet. The pump runs and isn't pulling enough vacuum to clear the water from the venturi pipe, the blower is turned on and pushes the water clear of venturi pipe as long as venturi pipe remains clear the pump will now jet properly.
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    Complete catastrophe

    I am sorry, I would insist the pool is replastered completely. A waterproof plaster mix is 4 parts sand 2 parts cement. Keep damp for several weeks after completion and this plaster is both water tight and rock hard without any additives. Adding additives may make it more water tight I...
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    Current Water Analysis Report

    That makes sense with my understanding
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    The smallest brown stains.

    I am not 100% certain however this looks similar to an issue we get in a quart finish. The actual cause is the coating has partially dried out and still been being worked (here). These are very mild compared to the ones we see. Easiest is to live with them.
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    Pump Dead - Repair or Replace?

    How old is the pump?
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    Help Finding the FC Eating Monster

    At the levels you are running the chlorine at there is nothing lurking anywhere unless you have some weird chlorine resistant bug with superpowers from what I can see at the levels you are running I think without checking you're exceeding the CT on cryptosporidium.
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    Dirty water in return jets

    Re: Dirty water in return jets Is this a new installation? When did the issue start? Can we get photos of the equipment set up? Does this happen all the time or only under some settings? If you started up in backwash and then rinse then went to Filter does this still happen? Have you got...
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    Possible to slow down spa blowers?

    It is possible to change blower air output. Its just not normal. Simplest way for domestic would be to fit 3 way valve to the discharge of the blower then position the valve to vent some air off to atmosphere. Air acts different to water, however for the exercise think of it like water...
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    The smallest brown stains.

    How long have these spots been there? Since new? Or was the pool emptied to help with landscaping?
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    Pool won’t clear.

    Please check something for me... Previously I had a pool...a bit bigger than yours, behaving similar and the council was blaming the filter and about to invest a few hundred thousand in some new plant. I went to site and had a look about and found a minor leak on the suction side of the...
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    Help Finding the FC Eating Monster

    This reads as the chlorine being fine and no excessive consumption of chlorine evident from the CC differences. I think write this off as contamination and wait for next rain event, don't react and see if a change occurs then update with more data.
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    Chronically Low TA

    Alternative maybe to live with the TA and raise CH to balance out
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    Green Pool

    Sack that pool store.
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    Pool won’t clear.

    Check something for me... Turn pump on wait an hour or so water starts to look hazy/cloudy Turn pump off wait a few minuets and the water looks clear Is that correct?
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    Struggling With FC

    In case it is in the filter try backwashing a few times in a row for a couple of nights. This will also reduce the cyanuric a bit.