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  1. Shawman

    Quick Check Anyone? Gunite dig with piping and equipment

    It looks to me like they already kinked it and then straightened it back out. It’s your pool and money but I wouldn’t trust it. Plus, that’s just the shortcut your builder took that you noticed. What else has he done (or not done) that could haunt you down the road when he’s long gone?
  2. Shawman

    Quick Check Anyone? Gunite dig with piping and equipment

    In my opinion that looks like mainly laziness to save time and costs. They make 45 and 90 deg fittings for a reason.
  3. Shawman

    Liquid chlorine hand pump?

    So now that I’ve started using an exact amount of liquid chlorine I’m having trouble pouring from the gold sun coast 2.5 gal jugs into my measuring pitcher without spilling it everywhere. Does anybody use some sort of pump for these jugs or even a 5 gal jug pump that will hold up to the chlorine?
  4. Shawman

    First test results with TF100 kit:

    The pool math app autopopulated a 6 as the target FC, I didn’t enter anything so that’s where it calculated the 37 ounces I guess. so are you telling me I should try to keep the target at 7.5-8 all the time?
  5. Shawman

    First test results with TF100 kit:

    I just tested FC and went from 5 yesterday to 4.5. Water temp is 50 deg. Pool math said to add 37oz of chlorine Ph is 7.6
  6. Shawman

    First test results with TF100 kit:

    Thats right, Pinch a Penny was 10.5 and NAPCO was12.5 I forgot. I drive by NAPCO going to Pinch a penny so I will get it there from now on. I thought I stated in the original post about how I did the SLAM and my CC was 0 but maybe not. The water is clear and I clean the baskets daily. Do you...
  7. Shawman

    First test results with TF100 kit:

    I need to slam it again when I have no visible algae and 0- CC? I get the Ph but Im not sure why I need to SLAM again.
  8. Shawman

    First test results with TF100 kit:

    I had our 60+/- deg pool heated to around 90 deg for a week between Christmas and new years(dreading getting the gas bill) with little chlorine in it evidently so it turned a nice shade of pond green shortly afterwards. I found this site and tried to initiate the SLAM without having a good test...
  9. Shawman

    No Emails When Supporting or Store Ordering

    I’m in the same boat. Found the website, liked it and donated. Then I ordered the TF 100 test kit Thursday morning and emailed them twice since asking for the status and a tracking number and no one has responded. I also think $12 shipping and labeling a test kit as “heavy” on the shipping...
  10. Shawman

    Pentair Racer replacement bag (w/o velcro please)

    If it makes you feel any better I bought a velcro replacement bag for my Polaris and it terrible. As soon as I try to empty it into the trash the velcro closes so I have to dig it all out by hand each time. The zipper is a much better design I think.
  11. Shawman

    Best way to get water sample?

    I wondered why there was a spigot in my pad plumbing, thats a great idea but what is the spigot installed for actually?
  12. Shawman

    I'm done with Leslie's. Again.

    I ordered the T100 test kit. I don't see a way to track the order/shipment, anybody know about when I could expect to receive it? I would like to avoid another pool store trip if I can.
  13. Shawman

    TF-100 TA Testing...and other??

    The skimmer angels are great, I got them on amazon last summer.
  14. Shawman

    I'm done with Leslie's. Again.

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I totally agree about Leslie’s, they are definitely the worst. The mom and pop place right by my house is convenient but when they check my water they give me the phosphates spiel and want me to buy phosphate remover every time I go in. They sell a 4-gallon...
  15. Shawman

    I'm done with Leslie's. Again.

    Pool is almost 2 years old and I've bought pucks from 3 different pool stores and amazon. I recently took 3 water samples to 3 different stores: 1. Leslies's, 2. Pinch a Penny 3. A small family owned independent store with super nice owners and got 3 different recommendations, each of which...
  16. Shawman