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  1. johnpkaiser

    One Year Pool Anniversary

    One year ago yesterday, we filled our new pool. Since then, I have followed the TFP way and have enjoyed wonderfully clear and clean water. At first, I was intimidated by the thought of having to add chlorine daily, but once I got in to a routine, it was no big deal. For those who are not...
  2. johnpkaiser

    Mesh bag removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the mesh bag from the quick connect collar? it’s on a Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum model. I am asking because I would like to reseat the bag on the collar. A small part of it is coming out and let’s a little bit of silt/dirt out when running. Thanks
  3. johnpkaiser

    Removable- temporary handrail

    In an effort to help those who need additional help getting in and out of our pool(mainly my parents), I built this PVC handrail that will be put in place with an existing anchor. We’ll see how it holds up once the swim season starts. I only plan to place it there as needed. $15 in material...
  4. johnpkaiser

    Pool pad cover-DIY

    This weekend I built a hinged pool pad cover made from cedar rails and corrugated roofing. During the summer, that area of the yard gets constant direct sunlight. This will also help with direct exposure to rain. it’s a little crude looking but is out of sight in the backyard. It is hinged and...
  5. johnpkaiser

    Filter housing

    Has anyone heard of using a good quality UV based protectant wax to keep the filter housing in good shape? During my pool school, the PB suggested applying a wax to it for protection from the sun. He said this would keep it from degrading.
  6. johnpkaiser

    Google Wifi extenders

    I am looking to extend my WIFI out the pool being built. In doing so, I found a really good deal at Costco. Normally a (3) pack of the Google Wifi extenders are $259.00. Costco had a deal over the weekend for a (4) pack for $299.00 with a $30 instant rebate making it $269.00 for the (4)...
  7. johnpkaiser

    My build thread-Done

    Contract signed on 8/3/19 Free-form design Dimensions are 30’x16’ max length and width. Depth is 3.5’ to 6’. Pool Lights: qty 2 Pentair Colored LED glo-brite low voltage lights 2 skimmers 5 returns 2 limestone boulders 1 8'w x 3'h limestone waterfall Flagstone(Blanco Patio) coping with...
  8. johnpkaiser

    New Member.

    Just starting layout and dig on Monday for in-ground pool... I appreciate all the great advice and stories I am reading here.. I hope to also contribute some day.