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  1. 2thdoc1

    Is this cover tight enough?

    PB closed our new pool a couple weeks ago and I noticed today after some rain that the cover has a little sag to it. Does it need to be tightened a bit more? This is a brand new “micro mesh” cover and we are in southwest lower MI so we do get quite a bit of snow. Thanks!!
  2. 2thdoc1

    pH: How low can I go??

    I’m trying to balance my TA in my new fiberglass pool. With my well fill water having a TA if 350, it has been a slow process over the past month. I’ve added MA in multiple doses to get to 190, but still have far to go! I’ve been taking pH down to 7.0 then aerating/waiting for it to rise to...
  3. 2thdoc1

    Extremely high TA but can’t get pH up?

    Hello! Our pool was just completed in mid- August. Fill well water has CH of 350, TA of 350, and pH of 7.8. See details of our system in my signature. We’ve only just taken over pool care from the PB about 2 weeks ago, so I’m not sure what chemicals were added up to that point. Initially, TA...
  4. 2thdoc1

    PAL light cover question

    I have a new pool with a PAL LED light system installed. They are smaller lights, maybe 3” in diameter? There are clear covers on the lights that I’d like to clean underneath. Can I remove this cover underwater or will I be letting water into the electrical? Thanks!
  5. 2thdoc1

    SLAM question

    Hello! This is my first post! My family just had a new pool installed last month and we’re finally on the home stretch! I’m enjoying learning about all the ins and out of pool chemistry as I have a background in biology/chemistry. I included the description of the pool in my signature (18k...