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  1. bigfunky

    Pool Heating Temp on Jandy PDA Reads -95F

    I went in to heat my pool today and the heating temp setpoint read -95F on my Jandy PDA, I cannot change it, does any know how to reset it. I am not sure if its coming from the PDA or the heater...
  2. bigfunky

    White Powdery Substance

    I had my pool closed on 10/31 and today I opened the cover just to see what's going on in there and I noticed a white powdery substance on the bottom of the hot tub and some in the pool as well. The water is very cold as we're having a really cold winter so far (although it was 60F today and its...
  3. bigfunky

    Is all DE the same?

    My PB supplied me with this and I need to buy some more Just wondering if this product is good or if there is anything better or if it doesn't matter as long as its DE
  4. bigfunky

    Transitioning from Modified Bicarb Startup to BBB

    Our pool was built last fall except for the quartz finish (CL Industries SunStone Select Sapphire) which PB did last Tuesday 4/23. When speaking with PB he said the plasterers would do a light acid wash to expose the quartz, I was kinda bummed because everything I read in onBalance's posts...
  5. bigfunky

    Is this a problem???

    Our pool was finished in November except for the plaster and water, I have been noticing this effervescence coming through the pool walls and through some of the joints on the face of the hot tub. I took a wire brush out and tried to scrub it off the rocks and mortar but its pretty stubborn...
  6. bigfunky

    Howdy from PA

    I've been hanging around here for a few months and have learned an incredible amount from everyone, thanks so much for that My pool is just about complete, patio, plaster (waiting until spring), fence and landscaping are all that remains Here is a link to my build...
  7. bigfunky

    Bi-Carb Startup

    Just curious if any homeowners have performed a bi-carb startup as recommended by OnBalance. It seems to be great way to preserve the plaster and get the maximum life out of it.
  8. bigfunky

    Under Construction in PA

    Day # 1 PB was onsite yesterday to dig the hole. Backyard Before Track hoe shows up Scraping up the topsoil Dig is underway Day # 1 work is complete Stay tuned for updates. I read through so much info on this site it really helped us to make informed decisions and get just about...
  9. bigfunky

    Pool Build about to Start

    We've signed our contract and PB is about to start, planned finish is sometime in late September, so you see any issues with fresh plaster that late in the season? I know we're not gonna get much use, I just want to make sure we're not doing something that may damage the pool finish. The plaster...
  10. bigfunky

    Return Plumbing

    Our pool builder wants to run (1) 2" line to our (4) returns and loop them, is that OK. I wanted dedicated 2" lines per return with ball valves at the equipment pad to balance flow, shut off a return, etc. Same for the spa, (1) 2" line to feed (8) jets, looped. He is plumbing the (2) skimmers...
  11. bigfunky

    Jandy AquaLink PDA

    Hi, I am in the final process of negotiating my pool contract and have narrowed it down to the following equipment: Jandy AquaPure Salt System Jandy DE Filter Polaris 380 Vacuum Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump I want the AquaLink PDA to control the pool / spa functions and all the...