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  1. boots

    When to replace pool screen cage or enclosure?

    My pool cage is 32 years old and showing lots of signs of wear. For example, missing tie down wire on side, rusted screws, missing screw covers, leaking around super gutter, etc. If I spend money on all these repairs, wouldn't it just be more cost effective to remove and replace with a better...
  2. boots

    Possible problem with chemistry.

    Today I am showing signs of slight green on walls of pool. I had slammed it over a week ago and FC was coming down from 16 to 7.5 yesterday. Added 2 3/4 cups of bleach per poolmath and noticed the walls today. I have been trying to sweep walls once a week, maybe I need to do this more often...
  3. boots

    how do I use this spa air blower?

    Hi, still learning how to use all my equipment. I have a Santanna Air Blower, note photos below. How do I work or use this blower? I looked online and only found install instructions. I had two electricians come out to my house a while back who were not pool electricians and they said the...
  4. boots

    hot to put my spa in heat mode only.

    I would like to heat my spa that is connected to my pool, but not sure how to position my valves to do this. Here are photos of my set-up. Thanks. The photos are where I have everything in normal mode. It is a spill over spa, not sure how to do that either.
  5. boots

    Has anyone bought the kit from

    My pool is leaking about 1/4 inch overnight and I will try to do some leak detecting and a bucket test. While I was surfing I found the web site pool leak and wondered if anyone has bought the kit from this guy? Sounds good, but I am a noobie so wanted to ask your opinion. Thanks.
  6. boots

    Should my spa have an open hole between pool & spa?

    My spa has an open hole, kinda like a return opening between the pool and spa. So whatever my water in the pool is it is the same in the spa. Does this make since? Do I screw on something to close the hole so the spa water can be different? First time owner here. The spa also has it's own...
  7. boots

    pool finish identification

    Hi, since this is my first time owning a pool I don't know pool finishes. Can anyone identify this type of finish in my photo? There are tiny pebbles or specks, kinda grainy. Thanks a bunch.
  8. boots

    how soon can you swim in your pool after you do the ascorbic acid treatment?

    Will be doing the aa treatment soon, once all supplies are on hand. When can I swim after treatment is done? And the chlorine is at my minimum. Thanks.
  9. boots

    CH dropped by 100

    My CH test today dropped down to 225 today, 2 weeks ago it was 325. Is this possible? We do get rain almost daily so is this causing the drop? Thanks. FC 7 cc .5 pH 7.5 TA 60 CYA 60
  10. boots

    Don't understand how to read csi in pool math

    Ok, I don't understand the poolmath part about csi. Sorry, but I am just not great at math. My csi is stated at -0.31. is this bad? FC 8 CC .5 pH 7.5 TA 60 CYA 60 CH 325 Calcite Saturation Index - requires pH, TA, CH, CYA, Temp, uses Borate, Salt...
  11. boots

    Looking for a manual to a Porpoise Titanium electric heat pump

    Hi all, when I bought my house there were no manuals for anything for my pool equipment and I would like to know if anyone has a manual or know how to find a manual for this model. Thanks if you can help.
  12. boots

    What is this for? an extra opening my pool I don't know.

    Here is a photo of a part of my plumbing I have no idea what it is for. It is next to one of my returns in the middle of the pool. Ideas? Thanks.
  13. boots

    Cartridge filter question.

    Is it recommended to soak your cartridge after cleaning it before you put it back. Reason I ask is that the pool store says to do this and I am wondering if this is incorrect? I am slowly correcting my mistakes in pool care to the TFP way.
  14. boots

    Stains on my walls

    OK, My pool has these stains on the walls that I would like to remove if I can, but I don't know what made them or what they are. They are brownish, just slammed my pool 2 days ago with great success. Now for the stains. Here are photos. Can you tell by these if it is copper or iron? I...
  15. boots

    Is this an ok submersible water pump to buy?

    Hi, read a thread about using a sub water pump if draining of pool is required. I found this one at northern tools online, is it ok? Thanks
  16. boots

    Return of my pool has no fitting

    Hi, Being a first time pool owner I am constantly learning new things about my pool. I just realized my return has no fitting, so do I just measure the diameter? then what type fitting is best these days? My pool is over 20 years old and I have not owned it for very long and was given no...
  17. boots

    First time slamming, am I thinking right?

    OK, I read the pool school book about slamming several times and am I thinking correctly that to slam my pool the pool math says to add 320 oz of 6% bleach, ok this I understand. Now do I add all the bleach at one time but very slowing at the return of my pool? and then keep adding chlorine...
  18. boots

    Need reassurance I am thinking correctly about my chemicals

    Hi, I am a fairly new owner of my older pool, trying to learn the TFP method. OK, here are my test results as of yesterday and today. ph 7.2 CYA 50 TA 60 FC 7.5 TC 8 was 9.5 yesterday CH 325 don't know about borates, have to figure that out later, don't have a test kit for that. If I am...
  19. boots

    Can I remove non-working salt cell?

    Hi, I bought a home with a pool that used am Aqua Rite Chlorine generator. It is very old and not functioning. I don't want to spend $1500 on replacing the whole system and salt cell so can I just remove the salt cell piece connected to my plumbing and just put a piece of pipe there instead...
  20. boots

    New member need help with chemistry.

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I bought a house with a pool that is over 20 years old and just learning how to check my own chemistry. I am using the TF100. I just noticed yesterday that I was getting some green algae on the sides of my pool so brushed that down and added borax because my ph was...