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  1. Girija

    Cascade Wall Size

    DEAR TFP, PLEASE SOUND OFF! I'm looking for opinions on the dimensions of a cascade wall for my 12 x 28 splash pool!!! My concern is that the wall dimensions (see signature) are out of proportion to my small pool size and will look like a giant fountain rather that a pool! It's just so hard to...
  2. Girija

    SoCal *Splash* Pool

    Kimkats, because you asked so sweetly . . . 😍 Hi All! I'm pre-dig on a ~12K gal, 12 x 28 Salt Splash Pool (3.5 - 5' depth) w/ 6 x 6 in-pool spa and raised wall, w/ 48" cascade—thank you everyone who has posted on cascades resulting in increased PH! Good to know! Still deciding on wall tile...