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  1. Snikwah

    3-Way Valve on Spa Blower Air Line

    I am looking for a way to regulate the amount of air being introduced by my spa blower. In my research I have read that putting a 3 way valve to divert some of the air out of the pipe (note: I am talking about diverting some of the air, NOT trying to restrict the air flow) can help dial in the...
  2. Snikwah

    SWG FC in Winter

    Just have a quick question.. I'm in Texas, so I will not be closing my pool, however...the SWG will shut down for several months and I'll use liquid chlorine. During this time, should I continue on with the recommended FC for SWG pools? Or switch over to the Non-SWG numbers found on the chart...
  3. Snikwah

    New Pool Build, Yet Another in DFW

    Hi all... I've been lurking around for a while but I still have a ton to learn. Never owned a pool or built this is new territory for me. A little background...we were thinking about possibly moving because my daughter is only 5 and hasn't started public school yet. She's currently...