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  1. Nectarologist

    Pool in Campbell, Ca. Now under contract!

    Hi Brimorga. I know you said you def want solar but since you already have a NG heater I'd seriously reconsider the solar. There is a reason people say "we're cooking with gas." If it's an operating cost concern heating your pool likely isn't as much as people think. If it's monthly cost i...
  2. Nectarologist

    Advice on pool bullnose

    Hi. Their "Landscape Gallery" shows they make bullnose pavers used in pools in their pics. Call them to see what color matches they have for the Broadway pavers. You might be limited by your color choices compared to just the Broadway pavers. You could use another manufacturer's bullnose too. I...
  3. Nectarologist

    Pool slope and size

    I have a 16x32 vinyl. It's fine for my family of 5 and when company comes over. That being said I'd get the larger pool if you have the room (I didn't want to take up any more space w the way my yard was). I have it gradually go to about 6' (maybe just shy of that). It's not slippery as long...
  4. Nectarologist

    Outdoor pool table

    That's what i was afraid of. Looks like i need an made for outdoor table. Expensive as gladius notes but i'm not surprised. Thanks
  5. Nectarologist

    Outdoor pool table

    Does anyone have an outdoor pool table?
  6. Nectarologist

    Pool Equipment Placement

    Looks nice and neat. Is there a way to drain water? I don't see an area where you can connect a vinyl hose to in order to drain water if needed. You may have an overflow built in in which case no big deal (a pump would be used for larger volumes of water drainage if needed).
  7. Nectarologist

    New Build Proposal Critique

    Hi Scott. Are you limited by space? The pool will be pretty small unless you only have a couple of people using it. I'm a family of 5 and my 16 x 32 is as small as I'd go for 5 at a time. Put Pentair or Jandy valves in the contract for sure. Some builders use simple ball valves that don't...
  8. Nectarologist

    Natural Gas Pool heater Questions

    Hi Karenyn, You need to be sure you have the properly sized supply line coming into the home from the street (or wherever the source) and you need to be sure that your meter can handle the demand your home will place on it. Your utility company should have a worksheet that basically calculates...
  9. Nectarologist

    Jandy LED Replacement Lights

    I wish i went with the old reliable halogen light. The colors on the LED were neat and my kids loved them but a simple white light is much better than no light that cost a lot money :( I'll be replacing my Jandy next season or I might try solar (not with Jandy). My Jandy died after 4 years...
  10. Nectarologist

    Solar pool light

    Thank you for updating this. I have 2 Jandy LED lights that went out after only 4 years so I'm really hesitant to replace them if they're going to die so quickly (about $2k usd). I'm going to order these. The only thing i need to do is place them on the side of the pool I'd look out at so it...
  11. Nectarologist

    Salt water pool or in line Chlorinator for vacation home pool

    I vote salt too. If it's being serviced have them adjust the pH. They might not want to do muriatic acid but just have them add dry pH reducer.
  12. Nectarologist

    How often do you have to change out a vinyl pool liner?

    You should get a minimum of 10 years our of a vinyl liner. My goal is 10 years then after that it's gravy (just my own expectations). My agp had 13 years on it when i sold the house and there was fading at the border but no other issues, no holes repaired, no drying/brittleness (it easily...
  13. Nectarologist

    Who can taste the salt?

    I definitely taste it. At 3k or 4k tastes the same to me. I have a goatee so i can't help but taste it as it runs through the facial hair. Tastes like sweat to me. Was in the ocean this weekend and whoa! Huge difference of course.
  14. Nectarologist

    New construction in Houston, Tx ** Trying to complete punch list**

    Hi. If you have week-long absences I would also consider an auto-fill and overflow drain (the over flow is not as necessary). The only drawback to the auto-fill is if your pool has a leak you may not notice it until you get your water bill (if that's quarterly, it can be pretty significant)...
  15. Nectarologist

    Planning new build in NY

    It is fine. They will only be tight against the wall where there is enough water to stretch it to the wall (especially if it's a 90 degree corner). Mine are as you describe and it is fine (too big and it looks baggy). The roughness may be due to vermiculite being rougher in that location...
  16. Nectarologist

    New "Swimmer's" Pool in Houston Texas

    It looks GREAT! What is the border between the coping and grass? I like the look.
  17. Nectarologist

    Salt Water Pool and Bluestone Problem

    The marks can't be avoided but they won't hurt anything. They'll get washed over when it rains. Can you post a picture? The only option is to not use a swcg and just add liquid chlorine daily if needed. The paver sand excess will soon go away. The pavers will weather and you won't notice it...
  18. Nectarologist

    Pool dig happening, need help with final placement!

    I would not shift it then. I like how you'll have the lawn area to the left of the pool. You could put a pergola or sail shade on the left side in the future. See how you use the pool and where / if you want to add one (you might find that you don't need it).
  19. Nectarologist

    Pool dig happening, need help with final placement!

    I would personally put the pool further from the house, as far as possible (even turn the direction of it so the 32' side faces the house if possible, but i know you didn't ask that). My reasoning is, having my 2nd pool at different houses, the area on the far side of of the pool, away from the...
  20. Nectarologist

    A LOT of questions for my mess of a pool.

    For # 7 my .02 is to buy hairnets off of amazon and use them. You can simply pull the basket out daily and throw out the used hairnet and replace it. about $15 for 100 of them on Amazon. You'll catch some finer stuff from making it to your filter. For an estimate, see my signature for pool...
  21. Nectarologist

    New Construction (fiberglass) - Chicago, city proper

    I'd leave it at this point. It works and I'd personally only cut the pipe again when it's absolutely needed. On the furniture, I've been very happy with the stuff I've purchased from Frontgate if you're looking for another option. I've had a daybed that's on its 5th year and it looks brand new...
  22. Nectarologist

    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    I love the turtles Carnivalday...definitely look like turtles
  23. Nectarologist

    New to inground pools

    That's great news!
  24. Nectarologist

    Tried Super Clarifier for the first time....pool was slightly hazy....results = wow!

    3.5 ounces is not going to ruin your filter. IMO, people slam other methods like this because they are accustomed to doing things their way they can't be objective. Now i agree that all one needs is the TFP method but i don't let that impact me in providing an objective answer.
  25. Nectarologist

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    It's not unusual. As it passes an area some stuff is scuked up and some it moved to the sides of the cleaner. I don't have that robot (Doheny's Discover here) but I probably ran mine 15 times before it was really clean. I ran it for the 2 hrs in the am and then when I got home from work I...
  26. Nectarologist

    First time pool owner, ?s about startup and chemicals

    Hi. For LC I like to buy from Lowe's. I used to buy bleach but in my local stores they have stopped putting the concentration on the bottle (I'm sure lowering the concentration). I was getting ShopRite 8.25% until they eliminated the conc. Lowe's is 10% and $4 per jug ($1 more than I was...
  27. Nectarologist

    Problem with what i think are Jandy nichless light

    Hi Dunfe, I had my pool built in 2015 (Jandy lights) and had the same issue before they both failed. Now looking to see how I can fix or replace on my own. For the money I'm really disappointed in their short life span. If you find any info please share. I can't find much myself. Thanks, Chris
  28. Nectarologist

    Design concepts for pool in Prosper, TX

    Hi. If i understand, the table / spa end is in the shade after 12, correct? If so i'd move the table/sitting area to the other end. You'll want to be in the sun when in the pool (especially during sedate periods where you can get chilly in the shade). As we get shade late in the day everyone...
  29. Nectarologist

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Why so long to clean? Did you take the debris out by hand or w a brush? Just rinse them off like a cartridge filter. It should take less than 1 minute to rinse. Taking it apart and reassembling should be under 5 minutes.
  30. Nectarologist

    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I'm not familiar with the basket modification but I use the rough one when i open to get leaves & larger stuff. Then i use the ultra fine the rest of the season. Having two different filters will not filter anymore/any better than just the ultra fine. They will filter down to a particular...