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  1. joynun

    Hayward T-15 cell showing 3500ppm; K-1766 test showing 8600ppm 😱

    Help! Our pool build was complete Feb 2020. Things have been going well with water chemistry until recently. We have been adding salt the past month or so as the cell keeps saying low salt, so we’ll add a bag or 2 to bring the numbers up and it will be fine for a week or 2, then it will show...
  2. joynun

    New Build in Macon, GA - COMPLETE!

    Hi everyone! I recently discovered this site and have been ferociously reading and trying to absorb all of the great info here! We are set to break ground on our first pool in the coming weeks and we are super excited. We are a family of 4, with kids ages 7 & 10. We are building an 18x36 IG...