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  1. mac1911

    Still Confused over Free Clorine , Total Chlorine and Combined Chlorine. Is Combined Chlorine bad ?

    I have a 6000 gallon UG round pool. With the help of TFP and the Taylor test kit I have had a good run this year and with just a few weeks left I have only had 1 little algae bloom. I under estimated the chlorine use on the hottest week of the year. Quickly caught and corrected. That said...
  2. mac1911

    New Pool , New Water what do you try to do 1st

    So I picked up the taylor 2006 kit , have plenty of chems and pool is filling . What do you correct first? PH, Stabilzer, im filling with tap water so basically only thing close to levels needed is pH currently ar 7.2
  3. mac1911

    Tips and Tricks Intex/summer waves type pools

    A few of mine Get a 2’ section of 1 1/2” OD pvc and a nice rounded cap. Little spray of dish soapy water and run it through the pool support liner section. Separates the vinyl easily Another is pool shoes, keeps you from making divots in your prep surface..hmm the pic wont upload?
  4. mac1911

    Pool pad , off to a great start

    I ordered a pool liner and it came. did not take 5 min to see defects... so many places where out of stock or was looking at late june/july shipping I went with this from amazon. Ugh
  5. mac1911

    He!p me get through the season with out a algae bloom

    So i have been using the inexpensive upbove ground pools for 10yrs going larger as the kids grow. Since I went to 12' (now 14') i cant get through a season with out a algae blow out. Constant cleaning , Ph good , and Clorine always checked and adding daily small doses , filter s changed every...
  6. mac1911

    "liner" under the pool

    I have been using sand under my UG pool Intex/summer waves for several years. last year I up sized to a 16' round. I felt like it was hard to get the liner smooth over the sand. Is and what ground liner could I use for a smoother bottom and added protection. My pool sprung a leak this season...
  7. mac1911

    Patch Material , kit supplied or surplus pool liner?

    So my 1 year old summer waves pool suffered a failure. Sprung a leak and before it was spotted it displaced enough sand to tear along the hole i. The ground. Doing so dropped the water below filter ports and smoked the pump. Looking at replacement pump cost i found it more coast effective to...
  8. mac1911

    Where do you all get your adapters to upgrade filter systems ?

    Current pool is a Summer waves 16x48 5200 gal pool with the through the side Skimmer/pump/filter all in one unit. with a claim of 1500gph going through the small A type filters. Last year I did not have any problems with filtration running the pump at least 8 hours a day and changing filters...
  9. mac1911

    new to TFP

    been luring around since my first easy set pool. Im on my 3rd and yet bigger pool 16'x48" ....first year with set backs lasting more than a few days. So now I think I will be here more often
  10. mac1911

    water wont clear up

    having a problem with my pool this past few weeks. I have been running intex pools for aprox 8 years now Going up in size over the years and last year I got the newest at 16' x 48" with 1500gph filter/pump. I have not much of any problems until now. 2 weeks ago the pool started with that little...