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  1. CarolineM

    Looking at getting a heater

    I have a 10,500 gal SW Fiberglass pool. I want to extend my swim season in MD. My comfort temp to swim starts at 86 degrees. We do not have natural gas, so I’m looking at a heat pump. Looking for recommendations please. Equipment list in signature.
  2. CarolineM

    Trying to get my CSI right

    FC 7.5 CC 0.5 PH 7.6 TA 70 CH 100 (need to bring up) CYA 60 ( have sock hanging to bring to 70) Salt 3600 Temp 78 CSI -0.92 Water is sparkling clear. Fiddling with pool math adjusting numbers for target range for a Fiberglass SWG pool, I still cannot get my CSI correct . How important is CH...
  3. CarolineM

    First time closing/opening a pool. Thank you TFP

    First time pool owner 2018. Followed the TFP way from day 1, had sparkling blue water all season. With the info from TFP I closed the pool myself and reopened it myself this weekend. Water is still sparkling blue upon opening. I am true believer in TFP, thank you. Opening test results Water...
  4. CarolineM

    How to keep Pump from flooding

    We had a lot of rain over the weekend and are expecting more this week. Along with the potential rains from Florence. My pool pump is in a low lying area right now as we have not completed the pool house where it will be moved to. Yesterday the rain water came up pretty close to the pump...
  5. CarolineM

    Non stop rain filling pool almost to coping

    Being a new pool owner, I am not sure what to do. It started raining non stop this morning in MD to the point my pool water is an inch away from the coping and over the top of the skimmer. This morning before the rain started, the water was only covering a 1/4 of the skimmer. The rains are...
  6. CarolineM

    Construction around pool, what should I do

    Tomorrow construction will start on our new pool house, along with grading and prepping for our patio pavers. There will be a lot of dirt being moved and in the air, along with a concrete slab being poured for the pool house and cutting of pavers. Is there anything I should do to my perfectly...
  7. CarolineM

    Understanding CSI

    I have my water balanced according to the information provided on this forum for an IG FG SW pool. Yet, when I enter my numbers into pool math, along with the pool water temperature my csi is 0.38. It indicates it potential to become corrosive to plaster. Since my pool is FG do I ignore the...
  8. CarolineM

    Test results and problem with chlorine level

    My SWG seems to be making too much Chlorine. I've turned it down to 10% and my FC is still high. Not sure what to do. My PH is always drifting up, I lower it with MA to get it down 7.0 and the next day it is up at 7.8 - 8.0 and climbing. I can't seem to stabilize it and I'm constantly adding...
  9. CarolineM

    New pool owner Test results

    Hi everyone, Great site, I am learning so much. FC: 5 CC: 0.09 TC: 5 PH: 8.6 TA: 120 CH: 145 CYA: 30 Temp: 84 Salt: 3200 Borates: 30 Water is crystal clear pool gets sun from sun up to sun down, no shade at all. VS Pump runs 24/7 SWG set on 3rd light of 5 lights I do not use a solar cover...