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  1. Tim Bish

    Chlorine/bleach availability and price

    Hi everybody, just throwing this out there and asking if anyone is having trouble purchasing liquid chlorine and/or bleach. I bought up 8 gal of Walmart 10% early in the season and they have since sold out. I was told nothing available on the horizon. So figured I would get GreatValue bleach...
  2. Tim Bish

    Opened late, but Crystal clear

    Got a late start this yr due to the cold and rainy month of May. I was worried the water would be a swamp but was crystal. Her is my problem. I forgot to order new reagents from TFT, so can not test right now. We are leaving tomorrow evening for the weekend. What amount of 10% chlorine should...
  3. Tim Bish

    New liner installed

    Hello again, my first post of 2018. As the title states we had to install a new liner and the pool is almost full. I just used city water to fill and I’m probably not going to be able to install pump for at least two days from now. So I’ll be asking some questions soon about water testing and...
  4. Tim Bish

    help me help my friend. Sulfate

    I've been telling my friend at work that I found this site and how much it helped me get my pool looking great. He has been having trouble all summer and asked if I could bring my test kit to work and he would bring in a sample for me to test. He just told me that the pool shop told him that...
  5. Tim Bish

    Quick question on PH and TA

    My PH is creeping up, not out of range yet, but went from 7.4 to 7.7 after about a week or so. My TA is right at 100. Should I adjust the PH only with MA and let that bring my TA down too. The only reason I ask is if you look at the chart for Chem levels for vinyl the TA top end of scale is 90...
  6. Tim Bish

    Water still clear, and it's easy

    Hey everybody. Just wanted to say how glad I am to find this site and then actually join this group. I didn't think I could believe that a person could take care of maintaining great looking water with just some stuff from mainly a grocery store. I switched from baquacil after using it in two...
  7. Tim Bish

    SLAM is over! For now.

    Finally! Test results for overnight test 10:30 last night FC 20.5 CC .5 6:30 this morn. FC 19.5 CC 0 Water is crystal clear. I thought I had clear water with BAQ, but nothing compares to how this water sparkles. Now, I have a problem of...
  8. Tim Bish


    This will be a short thread, I need the link to the person on here that sells refills of reagents for Taylor test kits. I've seen it on here several times but can not find it. Thanks
  9. Tim Bish

    Please check my test results

    replacing around 40% of my pool water and refilling, I left the pump run for approx. 4 hours and then tested the water. These are the results... FC 0 CC 0 PH 7.8 TA 90 CH 230 CYA 50 The PH and TA are in range but at the top of the scale, I would probably leave both alone for now. CH is fine...
  10. Tim Bish

    High CYA, partial drain and now refill

    Back from vacation and did about a 40%drain today due to high CYA. It was reading between 70 & 80ppm before the drain. I am in the process of filling now and realized how dirty the liner is above the water line. What is a good cleaner to use in this area? I always used a baquacil product before...
  11. Tim Bish

    Hello from a Newbie to Chlorine

    Hello to all, Our family has had a pool for over 20 years and have always used Baquacil up until last June (late opening) and I couldn't take the cost anymore. I am the only one that does the pool maintenance and I understood the Baquacil program. Chlorine is still too new to me and I was...