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  1. bigfunky

    NO FLOW always on

    Great thread, thanks for the info. I had no flow, pushed the little white button for 5-10 seconds and now I have flow so we'll see in a few hours if we have chlorine production.
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    gap between coping and tiles. coping cracks

    I used Deck O Seal, easy to install
  3. bigfunky

    Pool Heating Temp on Jandy PDA Reads -95F

    I had to clear the memory in the Jandy PDA and that reset everything.
  4. bigfunky

    Pool Heating Temp on Jandy PDA Reads -95F

    I went in to heat my pool today and the heating temp setpoint read -95F on my Jandy PDA, I cannot change it, does any know how to reset it. I am not sure if its coming from the PDA or the heater...
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    Outdoor ceiling fan

    I bought a Hampton Bay Altura 60" fan and it works great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    White Powdery Substance

    I had my pool closed on 10/31 and today I opened the cover just to see what's going on in there and I noticed a white powdery substance on the bottom of the hot tub and some in the pool as well. The water is very cold as we're having a really cold winter so far (although it was 60F today and its...
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    Is it closing time?? (for you upper midwest folks)

    I hear ya, even in SE PA its been very cool this summer, not to mention more rain then I have ever seen, just yesterday we had 4.5" of rain in 2 hours! The pool was full to the brim.
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    Hello and first Question (Fence)

    You need to check your local building code or you can call a fence company and ask them, they'll know what meets code and what does not.
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    Under Construction - Absolute DISASTER. Advice appreciated!

    Re: Under Construction - Absolute DISASTER. Advice apprecia I agree the deck has to come up and be properly backfilled to get this done right.
  10. bigfunky

    Under Construction in PA

    It was like another $5k
  11. bigfunky

    Under Construction in PA

    I happy we went with gunite, we went with a quartz finish, did not want to spend the extra for Pebble.
  12. bigfunky

    Under Construction in PA

    Major pic update, Phase II of pool construction almost complete: The pool has been worth every penny, we've used it almost daily!
  13. bigfunky

    Evaporation or leaking? - Large Water Loss

    I doubt it, my pool is 93F with close to 100F outside and I'm evaporating maybe 1/8" per day
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    PVC towel racks

    My wife saw this one online for $230 so I decided to buy the furniture grade PVC and build my own, saved over $100!!!
  15. bigfunky

    Southeast PA build

    How's the pool doing, mine was at 93F yesterday, almost too warm to swim, but when its 100F out somewhat refreshing!
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    Under Construction in PA

    The wettest June in history has slowed this project to a snails pace, but we've still found time to party and have fun!
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    What's your pool cleaners name?

  18. bigfunky

    What kind of Caulk around the pool?

    Many use Deck-O-Seal
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    Under Construction in PA

    Roof is on and concrete being poured!
  20. bigfunky

    Under Construction in PA

    Yeah, I am ready for them to be done!
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    Southeast PA build

    I agree, wait until later in the summer for better pricing. Get multiple bids as pricing will be all over, we had ranges for the pool from $50k to $90k.
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    New Build Quote

    New jersey = gas, heat pump won't heat at the rate you'll want
  23. bigfunky

    New Build Quote

    Get ride of the Nature2 Mineral System, if you search here you will find a decent amount of negative reviews. I'd also put another light in the pool, one is probably not enough for that size. I'd also get a heater, I am in SE PA and have used my heater a bunch so far to keep the pool around 85F...
  24. bigfunky

    Desperately Seeking Pool Company

    If you spend the time to read on this forum and ask questions you'll be armed with everything you need to take care of your own pool. The water will be better than if any company cared for it and you'll save a bunch of $$$!
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    Reviews for pool builders in South NJ/ Philadelphia region

    Re: Reviews for pool builders in South NJ/ Philadelphia regi I used Anthony & Sylvan to build my pool and they did a great job. I will tell you that you must educate yourself on exactly what you want as far as electrical, plumbing, decking, etc...Most negative reviews I read were written by...
  26. bigfunky

    Is all DE the same?

    My PB supplied me with this and I need to buy some more Just wondering if this product is good or if there is anything better or if it doesn't matter as long as its DE
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    Southeast PA build

  28. bigfunky

    Under Construction in PA

    Phase II begins!!!
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    I'd stay out of that pool for a while!!!
  30. bigfunky

    Pool overflowing

    You should keep the water level about 1/2 up the skimmer to it works properly. You can swim up to shock level.