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  1. Piolin

    What I am missing?

    I have a friend who works in construction and they are demolishing a house with a swimming pool, all the equipment is to throw away and he give me this... Do any of you have this SWG, could you give me a picture of what I am missing? Thanks in advance...
  2. Piolin

    Robot for above ground pool

    If you plan to buy one, this is a good choice at a great price... Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner,Color May Vary (B001RLAKHO) | Amazon price tracker / tracking, Amazon price history charts, Amazon price watches, Amazon price drop alerts |
  3. Piolin

    Some landscaping this weekend...

    Our little Intex pool was ugly outside, so we decided is time for some improvement....
  4. Piolin

    My new umbrella ☔ Pool Buoy (Blue): Patio, Lawn Garden Very happy with it... [emoji3] Starting day 5/25/2015 INTEX AGP 24'x12'x54" 8,400 gal, with salt and borax, INTEX 3,000 GPH pump with 16"sand filter, WM Hayward Skimmer, Intex SWG CG-28669, 1 1/2" hard plumbed PVC, Lil' Shark Vacuum With Leaf...
  5. Piolin

    Intex Towel Rack with Cup Holder for Above Ground Pools

    I know we can make one from PVC, but for the price it is not bad, any opinions?
  6. Piolin


    The spoon that I am using for CL have blackened, and I wondering if I can use a stainless steel and what size? Is this correct?
  7. Piolin

    Intex Auto fill...

    I have the idea for long time to build a auto fill for my Intex pool, the same way like this video shows Have any of you done something similar, opinions in favor or against, let's heard what you have to say...
  8. Piolin

    Intex fountain

    I think I will buy one, any opinions good or bad? Thank in advance : Intex Multi-Color LED Pool Fountain for Above Ground Pools, Fits Metal Frame and Ultra Frame Pools : Patio, Lawn Garden
  9. Piolin

    On the light side...

    The Debunker: Is There a Chemical That Makes Pool Water + Pee Turn Blue? - Woot
  10. Piolin

    Pool magazines?

    I was at Barnes and Noble today and out of curiosity went looking for a pool related magazines, but there was none. Is there such thing?
  11. Piolin

    Testing pictures
  12. Piolin

    High efficiency bleach

    All the bleach that I found in two Walmart were high efficiency, I finished buying Austin pool chlorine from BJ's, is this high efficiency bleach from Wal-Mart safe for the pool?
  13. Piolin

    How long your Ultra Frame INTEX lasted?

    How long it last? and what was the reason for the fail? Thank you
  14. Piolin

    Adding borates

    Quick question I want to add borates and Muriatic Acid to my pool, but how long after we can swing again?
  15. Piolin

    filling a new Intex pool

    Hi guys I have a question: Is there a 7 day plan for filling up a new Intex 24x12x 52' ? What would be your recommendation? Thanks
  16. Piolin

    TF 100 and speed stir

    Hi all Is there any tutorial for the TF100 test using the speed stir? Thanks
  17. Piolin

    Photo test

    this is a test
  18. Piolin

    what do you think about this???

    Its this safe to do it?
  19. Piolin

    Best time to buy a Intex 24x12 52 Agp?

    Hi I plan to purchase a Intex 24x12x52 from Amazon, right now it's $1119 delivery at my door. It's this the best price of the year? Or should I wait longer for a better price? I live in Miami, so we can swim all year around :party:
  20. Piolin

    15 000 gal for $139 INTEX SWG

    hi guys I plan to buy a Intex AGP 24x12x52 approx 8500 gal from Amazon, but I don't think they come with a good SWG so I found this in walmart 15 000 gal for $139 ... n/19336123 Do you think this is a good choice? Is there a better Intex alternative...
  21. Piolin

    Agp in Miami

    Hi guys I'm planning on buying a Intex 24x12x52 Agp from Amazon I live in Miami and here is hard to dig the soil, but I have a friend who can pour concrete in my yard very cheap so my idea is to make a concrete base and put Styrofoam on top. Is this a good idea?
  22. Piolin

    Thank you

    I just want to say thanks to all the people who contribute here, you are the reason I decided to continue with the idea of having a pool. Thank you, Luis