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  1. Sotex

    Pool Landscaping Forum

    I've looked through the different forums and can't decide where I should pose landscape-related questions. Maybe "Everything Else"?
  2. Sotex

    San Antonio - Tiny stuff on the surface!

    Went out to test the water and started skimming. I see these tiny specs on the surface. I’m in San Antonio so don’t know if this is some pollen in the air or what?!? Can anyone help?
  3. Sotex

    OCLT - Thanks TFP!

    Here in San Antonio, chlorine seems to evaporate into thin air! I was having trouble maintaining my FC at a level needed relative to CYA (not a SWG pool). Decided to do an OCLT. 6.5 last evening and 6.0 this morning. I remember thinking the 6.5 was borderline and could have been closer to 6.0...
  4. Sotex

    Leslie’s test confirmation

    After using different types of bleach, I’ve found that Leslie’s 12.5% works best for me and the price isn’t horrible especially considering the convenience of using 12.5% v 10% or less. I ran in to grab a case and decided to let them test my water. I figured it could also help me confirm if...
  5. Sotex

    CYA images

    These were all taken from the same distance and then cropped. For such a subjective test, thought I’d post these images to see which CYA level the forum would assign.
  6. Sotex

    Deck jet leaking?

    One of our deck jets keeps leaking. The PB will be out this week to check. Just thought I’d see if anyone here has had a similar experience. I’ve tightened it twice and observed it for a few minutes. It seemed to stay dry, but then I come out later to small streams from one of the two deck jets.
  7. Sotex

    Asked PB to Install SWG - Check on plaster?

    PB was by to check on the pool for a few minor things to wrap up the final billing. I asked about installing an SWG and he said he would want to talk to the plaster company to make sure it was compatible (???). I simply replied, "I'm sure it's fine". After doing some research, it must be just...
  8. Sotex

    Electric Bill HUGE in Month One

    We have been running our pump probably more than we need to, but I'd rather err on the side of keeping things filtered and clean. We have a IntelliFlo VSF 3.95 hp pump and a 10,000 gallon pool. What would you suggest I run in regards to timing of schedule and flow rate (RPM/GPM)? Is there...
  9. Sotex

    Contemplating getting a Pentair Intellichlor

    I'm wanting to have a better understanding of how SWGs work. My understanding is that they kind of work like a puck system (minus the increase in CYA and having to buy pucks - you buy salt instead). Is that close to accurate? Here is my current setup (see images) - I have a full Pentair system...
  10. Sotex

    11 days in - THANK YOU!

    PB provides a month of pool maintenance from a local independent guy. He's "TFP-friendly" in that he believes in using simple chemicals and staying away from pool store water testing and chlorine tabs (at least once CYA is to a good amount). He came by this morning and was impressed with the...
  11. Sotex

    Keeping Pool Cool?

    Brand new pool (about a week in) here in San Antonio, TX. The pool just registered 90 degrees! When we first got it going a few days ago, I got in at 78 degrees and loved it! Honestly loved it yesterday at 86 too. Now that it's hitting 90 and will likely get even higher, is there anything...
  12. Sotex

    New gunite pool - trying to get it right
  13. Sotex

    Pentair Warrior SE just purchased!

    Thank you to everyone for the information on here. Had a Polaris as part of the contract with the PB, but decided to take the credit and order my own robot. Ordered from Marina in Colorado at a great price! Of all things, my initial hesitation was around the electrical aspect. I thought I...
  14. Sotex

    Pool done - now for punch list

    Overall, we are in love with the final results. In hindsight we might have shifted to pool due to the topography of our backyard (it slopes down left to right). Had we shifted it to the right 10', we could have had it be 2-3' lower. Now it is quite high on the right side. We knew we would be...
  15. Sotex

    Today they poured concrete!

    Today was going to be "iffy" due to forecasted storms. Well, the rain held off completely. Here is a time lapse of the work done last week and today. Click the link to see the time lapse. Base Material and Concrete Deck on YouTube
  16. Sotex

    The end of construction is near!

    Wish I would have spent more time on here throughout the process. I've been happy with the builder so far though. Today they're pouring concrete for the deck and plan to do plaster on Friday! Time lapse of gunite in my signature with a few other phases on my YouTube channel, if you want to...
  17. Sotex

    New pool in San Antonio!

    Just over halfway done with our pool build using a new company, Big Sur Pools. So far, we are very pleased. Looking forward to learning how to maintain our pool from the many minds on these forums.