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  1. curbwax

    15'x36" Quick Set w/SWG "covid" pool

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice Maddie. My kids will be glad to know they can still swim. This morning I added the remainder of my chlorine (approximately 4 cups) and at lunch I went to the pool store and returned the algae killer they sold me. I was able to get 8 gallons of 12.5%...
  2. curbwax

    8' Intex Easy Set

    What a super cute pool. Love what you did with the landscaping and the 'shade sail'.
  3. curbwax

    15'x36" Quick Set w/SWG "covid" pool

    When my family had to cancel our summer vacation this year we were bummed but decided to use the money to do what so many others have this year, we got a covid-19 pool. It's our first pool, a 15' x 36" quick set pool by Summer Waves. While waiting for it to arrive I was reading up about these...