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    Is Check Valve needed before Stenner?

    The Stenner should have it's own backflow prevention valve and should be downstream of the heater. I initially installed my Stenner where the puck feeder return was, but water seeped into the Stenner tank without the valve.
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    Selecting the best pool heater for me

    I don't have a solar cover and will lose 3-4 degrees overnight, so getting the pool back up to temp on cooler nights may cost $10-15. During the hot summer months, we try not to use the heater as much and will swim even though the water temp isn't ideal. A water temp of 80-82 F is about our...
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    Selecting the best pool heater for me

    My natural gas cost for the pool fluctuates between $1.20 and $1.70 per therm. My Raypak 330k BTU heater heats my 33k gal pool about 2 degrees per hour depending on the sun, with an average cost to run about $4 to $5 per hour. A natural gas heater will give you more control and options on how...
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    Backup power.

    The quietest generator I know of is the Honda EU7000is. I purchased this generator about a year ago and we had to use it during an outage this past summer for 3 days. It is an expensive unit, but it's fuel injected, extremely quiet and can run up to 18 hours on a tank of gas in eco mode, which...
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    Rolling black outs possible NTX

    I've been watching the news about what has been happening in Texas. Understanding that this is a very rare weather event, is there anything that can be done in the future to prevent such a calamity? I have seen lots of examples of people without power for almost 3 days straight, no natural...
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    Rolling black outs possible NTX

    I think most air cooled generators aren't meant to be run continuously since they're running at 3600 rpm. My neighbor had a 22kw Generac air cooled model installed and his ran the whole 3 days without issue. My Honda runs at 2400rpm in eco mode and didn't have any issues either, though I did...
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    Rolling black outs possible NTX

    My Honda is only 7k and runs the whole house and the pool, with the exception of the 4-ton HVAC unit. Maximum wattage draw I saw over the 3 days I used it was around 3500 watts.
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    Rolling black outs possible NTX

    Do any of you have generators that can keep things running during the blackouts? Had a 3 day power outage this past summer and was very glad to have had a generator to keep the food cold and the pool running.
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    Seasoned pool owner

    Awesome story! Congratulations on your success!
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    Seasoned pool owner

    If I were God, I would cure the ignorant, misinformed, and misguided with critical thinking and wisdom. I was a Quality Manager and internal quality auditor in a pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing environment for many years. ISO9001, GMPs, etc. Your post brought back some bad...
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    Plaster Issues and Meeting with PB This Week - Advice?

    Night time with pool lights shows everything. Your plaster job actually looks better than mine. My pool builder did nothing. Pebble Tec did nothing. My guess is you will fight to get the perfect pool you deserve, but it may not work out. This thread reminds me of how much I hate...
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    Crack in upper body of IG skimmer

    If in fact the skimmer was not encased in concrete supported with rebar, you have a very strong case for a lawsuit against the pool builder. You might have to dig a bit to confirm.
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    What's the Cost to Run A Pool Heater

    My pool is much bigger at 33k gal and my heater is 335k btu which costs around $4 per hour to run. The heater will raise the water temp about 1 degree per hour, a little more if the sun is out and there is little to no wind. If I had to raise my pool by 20 degrees, it would cost about $80. The...
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    Heater Replacement Question - Jandy JXI vs. Raypak

    Both heaters will have a smaller footprint than the one you have now. I only have experience with Raypak, so that is what I would recommend. I think their component and build quality is better based on my prior research, but I'm no expert in pool heaters. We have some pool heater Techs on the...
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    pool heaters

    Raypak is the only brand heater I would buy. Have had two of them.
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    Gray Plaster issue? - 12 days ago on a new pool

    The edges of the steps also don't look smoothly rounded or consistent with each other. Looks to be poor attention to detail all around. Very unfortunate.
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    Gray Plaster issue? - 12 days ago on a new pool

    Any non-white plasters will look worse on cloudy days and in dim light. In your case, it doesn't appear as though the plaster was mixed well enough and the "mottling" is pretty severe and less blended than I have seen. My replastering job wasn't to my satisfaction but was much more muted than...
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    Winterizing Question - How low do you go?

    I bring the water to just below the returns...maybe 1/2". This is about 18" from the top of the coping. I blow everything out and put the mesh safety cover on. Over the winter, the water level will eventually come back up due to rain and snow and when it begins to touch the bottom of the...
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    Pentair Intelliflo 3HP 011028 - Winterizing

    Hey all - I replaced my Hayward single speed with the Intelliflo this year and have a question about winterizing the pump. I bring my pump, filter and Stenner system into the garage each winter and I noticed that the Intelliflo doesn't have battery backup to retain it's settings. I know it has...
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    New Here - need advice to get rid of pool service!

    You may get more sun than us here in NY. I keep my CYA around 50, so this saves on the FC burnoff from the sun. The Stenner pump runs 15 minutes x 3 times/day. With the #2 tubing, it delivers about 0.9 oz per minute, so 40 ounces per day. I keep my pool super clean, with robot running just...
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    New Here - need advice to get rid of pool service!

    I pay $3 per gallon of 12.5% strength liquid chlorine. I use about 2 gallons per week.
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    First year closing newly redone Diamond Brite plaster pool

    The PH rises fast with new plaster. Bring your PH down to 7 before closing. If you can check the level again mid-winter and if the water isn't frozen, you can drop a robot in for a few hours and add some acid to bring it back down. Let the robot mix things up. Before putting the cover on...
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    Mosquito Control

    I use Bifen XTS as well as Wondercide cedarwood oil concentrate. These two are great for mosquitos: It's probably the Bifen doing the heavy lifting, but the...
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    Can't get rid of algae?

    Shock level for a CYA of 40 is FC = 16. Have you been maintaining this level from the start of your SLAM? If not, then you are not doing it correctly.
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    A friend referenced your site as the best for the scientific and DIY home handyman questions I would have

    Agree on the chlorine levels, yours is too low for your CYA level. Recommended FC level is where most of the Internet and pool stores get it wrong. If adding chlorine once per day, you should target the high side of the recommended range, so in your case 7-8 PPM FC with CYA of 40. If you...
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    Leak at skimmer basket

    Make sure you putty the bottom edge of the skimmer mouth, even if it doesn't look that bad. It's tough to say regarding the water level. You would think that the water level would stop at the level of the leak, but in my case that wasn't true, though I did epoxy around the skimmer mouth like...
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    Leak at skimmer basket

    Check the bottom of the skimmer, you may have small cracks around the return pipe or if there is an accessory hole flap, there could be a crack under that area. This is where I found my leak.
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    Dog Ramp for Vinyl Pool & No Deck

    Depends on how bad the dog wants in...
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    I want a swg pool wife wants chlorine ? ? ?

    I have a Stenner pump and with COVID I just use Taskrabbit to send someone to the store for me and deliver 6 or 8 cases of 12.5% liquid shock to my garage. For me, it is worth the extra $20-30 bucks once every 2 months...