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    Older Hayward Super pump humming not starting

    I have an older Super Pump(model C48K2N143B1) that hums on start up but won't pump and turns off from heat shortly after. Here's the troubleshooting I've done so far: Checked for debris, turbine spins freely Checked for obvious damage, none Replaced start capacitor... twice. 2nd one made sure...
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    Pool opening first time tfp method

    Hiya, Did some research and got the fancy test kit. Just opened the pool and came up zeroes for FC and CYA. Non cloudy for the CYA and added ~6 scoops and no pink for the FC. FC 0 CYA 0 PH 7 TA 75 I have granular CYA to add in the sock method based on the pool math suggestions but won't have...