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    Post Resurfacing Green Tint Water

    Filling from well water and my recent experience this summer certainly lead me to believe it is metal in the water. In my case I was able to remove the green tint in about 3 days. To do this I use 3 bottles of Metal Out at the start from Leslies. I also bought a box of PolyFil from...
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    Alternative to DE

    I use cellulose fiber from the very beginning purely to stay away from the health dangers associated with DE and have never used DE. I am very happy with it but do know that it takes a significant amount of backwash and rinsing to remove most of it from the grids. As a result I breakdown the...
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    Is a waterfall worth it?

    I use the water fall strictly for looks and the kids really enjoy it (ages 5 to 10) and would certainly put one in if I was to build a pool.
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    Cal Hypo damage

    It appears to be the same exact thing that happen to me before I joined TFP. In my case it was the chlorine (I was using PowerPowder Plus) and copper in the plaster/water reacting and creating a dark purple/blue stain on the floor of the pool. Eventually it would fade after a day or two...
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    Green Pool Due to Copper

    I did put the poly-fil directly in the skimmer basket, I did not use anything to contain it but I will use a skimmer sock next time just to make myself feel better. I also isolated to pull from the skimmer only, you will want to check it every day as debris will also get stuck to the poly-fil.
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    Green Pool Due to Copper

    After 3 days things are back to normal. The poly-fil was still white after the first day but was mostly brown after the 3rd day.
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    Green Pool Due to Copper

    Got to the house and backwashed the sand filter and the water ran dark brown/brick red for about a 90 seconds. Went through the backwash / rinse cycle a few times until the water coming out was clean. Added another bottle of Metal Out and added Polyfil to the skimmer basket (Large box of...
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    From brown to 😍😍. Thank you polyfil!

    Thank you again for the information. Purchased a box from a local Walmart and stuff the skimmer basket with it.
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    From brown to 😍😍. Thank you polyfil!

    Any thoughts on adding it to a sand filter? Placing it inside above the sand?
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    From brown to 😍😍. Thank you polyfil!

    Can you provide a bit more detail on the Polyfil? Is it cotton? Where can I purchase?
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    Green Pool Due to Copper

    Thank you both. You are correct it was much more yellow in color than thought and there are iron stains in the dishwasher and other places within the house. Added two bottles of Metal Out from Leslies and 20 hours later the color has faded a significant amount, however it is not completely...
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    Green Pool Due to Copper

    I am currently maintaining one of my relatives pool for them and go over every 3 days. Yesterday I elevated the chlorine level to make sure that the chlorine would be sufficient until I returned in 3 days. Last night they added some water (they are on well water) and left the hose on...
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    Purple Blackish Stains at bottom of pool surface

    Brianhuynh05, this will take us down a bit of a hole as we are now getting into the main principals of TFP on how to maintain a pool. Reading in pool school will help you understand a bit better. In short by bringing your chlorine up to the required level and keeping it there the stains should...
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    Purple Blackish Stains at bottom of pool surface

    I also get those. I have large river birch trees that constantly drop stuff into the pull. This looks like stuff that gets dropped into the pool and sits on the bottom leaving the stains. These should be organic stains and should go away as you increase your chlorine level. I recommend...
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    Resurfacing - how long can you go...

    If the plaster is fading away in certain spots you can do an underwater plaster patch if needed to get you some extra time. It will not look the best but it will continue to provide you with a waterproof shell over the concrete. If the plaster is chipping and is coming off in chunks then...
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    SIlt (?) Collecting on Pool Bottom Every Morning

    I recommend you fill a bucket with water and place it beside the pool. If the bucket of water also has the silt then you can confirm this is something coming into the pool from the outside. Here in Northern Va we have a lot of pollen at this time and it can settle on the pool floor as well.
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    D.E. Filter

    Rule of thumb is if you backwash and rinse the filter but do not take apart and clean then you should add 80% of the required DE back.
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    Are these bubbles bad?

    That means air is getting into the system some how and it should not be. There are simple reasons for this and not so simple reasons. One of the more simple reason is the lid to the pump is not on correctly. Are you able to see any air in the pump from the clear lid? I would turn the pump...
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    Wall suction cover and base fell off. Any way to secure to plaster?

    ajw22, Thank you for the response. I went ahead and used the Loctite glue and put the piece back on. It was a snug fit just fitting it back in place so it is possible it was never secured in the first place. I will monitor it through the summer to see if it loosens or comes off again.
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    New pump new DE filter NO PRESSURE!

    I am unfamiliar with that valve but it looks like you have a 3 way Hayward ball valve with two suction side ports. Based on your earlier comments one is a skimmer, do you know what the other one is? Possibly a main drain? Do you recall if the Hayward port was removed at any point? Some...
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    Wall suction cover and base fell off. Any way to secure to plaster?

    Working on a pool for a relative and they have a wall suction cover that screws into a base however the base appeared to be secured to the smooth plaster via 2 sided tape or something similar. The screws that secured the cover to the base were too long so when I went to put it back on after...
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    New pump new DE filter NO PRESSURE!

    Can you provide a picture of your equipment pad? Please make sure to include any valves.
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    Sand Filter - Replace drain stem/assembly

    Positng an update. As mentioned above there are multiple options for the replacement stem based on model and year it was manufactured. The year and month of the manufactured date were punched out. The year was in 2 digit format and the month in letter (A-L). With the part in hand I removed...
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    Sand Filter - Replace drain stem/assembly

    Thank you again. I believe I need the 3/4” stem. There is a small amount of sand returning to the pool as well so I will plan on removing the sand to install the stem and check the laterals.
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    Sand Filter - Replace drain stem/assembly

    Thank you for the quick response. This is a Pentair Triton II TR-60 filter.
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    Sand Filter - Replace drain stem/assembly

    I am helping a family member with their pool and the drain stem / assembly has a crack and needs to be replaced. Since this is on the bottom of the sand filter would I need to remove all the sand to replace the drain stem / assembly? The filter is a Pentair Triton II TR-60.
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    Hello from Northern VA

    I am in Manassas Park, VA and if it was me I would use a Pentair VS pump or a Pentair 2 speed pump. I am not sure but they may both require 208 / 220 v. So you will want to make sure you have sufficient electrical at your pad. I would also use a Raypack 400k BTU heater. In regards to...
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    [SOLVED Again] MasterTemp 400 Igniting Momentarily, No Diagnostic Codes

    When I have experience similar issues it is normally a dirty burner assembly which is where the gas comes out and is burned. The burner assembly has a bunch of tiny holes and if the holes are blocked there is no enough gas flow to sustain the flame. So it lights and then goes out shortly...
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    Very high Clorine and still algae

    OasisDave2, the advice given so far is spot on however it does involve doing more reading instead of a quick answer to your question. In short the amount of chlorine you need to add to a pool to kill algae is directly related to the amount of CYA you have in your pool, it sounds like you...