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    Do I use Yellow Out?

    Moved from here. Hello, my pool wall and floor is getting mustard spots and it is not possible to get rid of the stains. My FC is around 6, CYA over 140, PH 7.6, AKA around 120. I am thinking to buy this product. Is this product will clean the stains? My water is very crystalline. It is getting...
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    FC/CYA - New Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic

    Hello, I am new here, and already read a lot of posts, very, very useful. I have one question regarding my pool, I have Plaste pool, 21,000 gallons. I purchased the TF100 kit and doing the necessary tests. My CYA is over 100 (my last measurement in the pool store was 175), I assume that is...
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    Hi From North of Houston

    Hello Everyone, I am from north of Houston and purchased a house with a pool, and I am very very new in this world, I don't even know yet all the acronyms, is there anywhere that I can learn? I think I am at the right place. My Pool has a spa and total volume is around 21k Gallons. last Saturday...