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    Filter PSI steadily going down

    So more of a mystery I’m trying to understand then a problem I’m trying to fix. the PSI of my DE filter has steadily gone down from about 13 to about 7-8. However, flow is super issues at all. Skimmers (2) is not blocked up and very strong suction there too. MaIn drain also strong...
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    Water Softner?

    Anyone know if I can use my Water test kit to measure hardness of my water for my water softener? I need to change a setting on my water softener but it’s asking for hardness in grains per gallon. I’m guessing if use my calcium tester but I don’t know if that’s all that’s testing for hardness.
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    Saturation index

    Should I even worry about saturation index? I don’t quite understand how it could say it’s off yet all my other numbers are perfect. CYA 45 FC 10 Ph 7.6 TA 120 Saturation index = -.8
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    Normal FC loss per day

    I realize it depends on weather, use, etc., what would be a “normal” range of FC loss. Assume CYA=50, PH 7.5, TA 110, sunny 85 degrees, 8 hours of direct sunlight? I put solar cover on at night to reduce evaporation and heat loss....gets quite cool at night...65-70 degrees.
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    Should I use Floc?

    I've been using the BBB method for over 15 years and NEVER have put anything else in my pool. For some reason I can't get the "haze" out of my pool. Can see bottom but it just not as crystal sparkling as I have had. I have been running the pool filter 24 hours for last 4-5 days. I've brushed the...
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    Hello from NJ

    Have had pool for over 13 years and used the BBB method from the very beginning. Have never had a green pool. 20x40 vinyl 30k gal