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    solar heater panels

    Hmm. I see some SUNHEATER brand panels with controller and installation hardware for $400 locally on craigslist but I didn't really want 8 panels. Might have to talk myself into it though.
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    solar heater panels

    I'd really like to add a couple of solar heating panels to my pool. I've been looking around at different brands and sources and it is really tempting to try out some of the $89 panels, but I'm guessing I'll get what I pay for there. Looking at ebay when I look at fafco or heliocol panels, they...
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    Black Trash Bags to Heat pool?

    It is not just you. Science supports you. Covering your pool with a plastic sheet of any color or variety will not heat your water any more than direct sunlight on the pool. These covers work to warm the pool by keeping the heat in when temperatures dip and the sun goes away (at night, or on...
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    Menards pool shock BOGO

    Dang I wish I had seen this thread earlier. I was in Richmond Heights and could have stopped in that store. I'm working from home tomorrow, maybe I'll drive to Ofallon.
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    pool turned green this past week while frozen over

    I "closed" it when the water was in the 50's and about 2 months after all my neighbors did. I actually had to hurry up and do it because we were getting a hard freeze by the time I winterized my pool. But I put closed in quotes because I don't cover my pool. I just drain the pump and filter and...
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    pool turned green this past week while frozen over

    Hi all. I was surprised to notice my pool looked green through the ice earlier this week. It has warmed up a bit now, and the ice has mostly melted and I can see that sure enough, it is light green and there appears to be a layer of algae on the floor and walls. I'm surprised to see this as I...
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    new house, green pool, too cold to swim

    I don't think the pool is winterized, and yeah we just got down into the 20's last night. So honestly fixing plumbing or anything else may be first priority...but if we've escaped any damage, in my mind, attacking the algae while it is cold and having a harder time reproducing on its own would...
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    new house, green pool, too cold to swim

    Hey all. A friend of mine bought a house with an above ground pool that has been sitting unmaintained for a while now. The pool is green and I don't really know any more, but I volunteered to come look at it, since he trusts me having kept my pool clear with TFP. So assuming everything works...
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    expanding stenner pump rollers

    Yep. I contacted Stenner support and the broken hub was their guess when I described the problem I was having. Out of any other idea, I ordered a new roller assembly and got it installed, and it worked as expected. From what I've learned the motor has a D shaft and that roller assembly...
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    expanding stenner pump rollers

    First, thank you all for the congrats. As you can imagine, it has been quite busy around here. I finally got around to getting my Stenner fixed and I wanted to share here what the problem was in case anyone else runs into the same thing. So, without further ado, I replaced the roller assembly...
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    expanding stenner pump rollers

    I've watched video after video on changing the tubes. They all say "just snap clockwise with the tool until you hear a click" but say nothing about what to do if you don't hear a click. If anyone has any they think will help get me out of this rut I'm stuck in, I'd be happy to watch. I took my...
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    expanding stenner pump rollers

    My wife ended up having the kid about 7 hours after my last post. So I've been a bit busy since then. Luckily the delivery went super fast and we got to come home quickly, so I've been able to manually add enough liquid chlorine to keep my levels up. But I'd like to get my stenner back in...
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    expanding stenner pump rollers

    This is driving me nuts. I bought a 10 pack of tubes last year when I needed to replace it last year. So I've done this before. Plus, I got a big print out of instructions on installing it. It says to insert the fan tool and use the cover to turn the roller assembly clockwise until it stops, and...
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    expanding stenner pump rollers

    bumping this one more time because I really need to get my stenner back in service. My wife is going to have a baby soon and I may need to rely on auto feeding chlorine for a few days. I've watched every video I can on the topic. They all say just snap it in a clockwise direction. When I do...
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    expanding stenner pump rollers

    Last night I decided to tackle the problem of my Stenner pump not pumping bleach. I didn't replace the tube from last year, I hoped I'd be able to use it a little longer. Looks like I'm learning that no you can't, just replace it every year. Anyway, so I replaced my tube last night and expanded...
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    OK to keep robotic cleaner in pool?

    Water puts a lot of force on objects. Water and electronics don't mix. Your robot is electronic and has gasket sealed compartments to keep it's electronic parts dry. Gaskets fail with age and use. Pressure increases use, thus increasing failure rate and decreasing life of said gasket. I try to...
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    CYA - Harmful?

    I avoid touching the sock when I add CYA because it dries my hands out. No other problems though.
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    Inground liner replacement

    I'm in a similar boat wanting to know answers to the same concerns. My liner is still in mostly fine shape, but won't be for many more years. And I hope to replace mine myself when the time comes. So hopefully I can gain some knowledge from this thread as well.
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    Reasons to drain high water level?

    I wouldn't assume anything. I live in St Louis also, don't have an overflow drain. It all depends on who builds the pool and how cheap they want to be. When I took ownership of my vinyl lined pool, the previous owner told me it overflowed and caused wrinkles in the liner. But I do not believe...
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    NEW IG Vinyl Liner Installed yesterday

    Wow. I think my liner was the same pattern as your original and is headed towards the fading yours is in. I'm hoping to replace the liner myself when the time comes, so hopefully it doesn't break the bank too badly for me.
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    Annaul CYA Lost In Northern Climate

    Depends on how much of the water from the summer you lost. If you are like me and have to pump water out due to rain over the winter, you'll lose some. How much depends on how much water you lose. Adding water into the pool, whether frozen or not, does not make you lose CYA, unless that frozen...
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    Surge Protection Device on Sale now !!!

    Interesting. I didn't know I needed one (ok, I sort of knew, but didn't want to spend the money) but how can you pass up a sale. Thanks!
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    NEW IG Vinyl Liner Installed yesterday

    What kind of shape was your old liner in? Just curious as I'm in a similar situation. Will need to replace my 11 year old liner at some point in the future. It has lost a lot of color since I've switched to TFP. I think that was partly due to adding bleach in the winter when the water was really...
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    Lost 3.5ppm of FC in 2 days/Is This Normal???

    I've been running my pool in the Midwest with CYA at 40 and see chlorine usage about that rate, sometimes more. This is normal, which is why adding chlorine daily is necessary no matter what system you are using. I'm experimenting with a higher CYA this year to see if it makes a difference...
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    First year salt pool in NC, left open, pump running, water temp down to 33 - Yikes!

    Plus if you are getting up to 32 during the day consider yourself lucky. I haven't seen above 25ish in 10 days. My pool has an inch thick sheet of ice across it. I winterize my pump, filter and plumbing, but I don't cover my pool, so all my neighbors think it is fully open. Unless you are...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    I can't tell. I've got a layer of ice about an inch thick keeping me from getting a thermometer reading.
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    Bad leak in inground vinyl pool

    sounds to me like you've got a leak in your plumbing, hopefully just to the skimmer. I'd let the ground dry, fill the pool, and let the pump run until you spot water and try to figure out where it is coming from. Then start digging. Or hire someone.
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    My pH has been constant since June. Is this normal? This seems too easy...

    My TA is 70. My pH never moves all summer once I have it adjust it coming out of winter. The only thing that changes the pH for me is temperature. I do not have a SWG or any water features, so that helps to prevent pH rise.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    My solar cover was taking on too much water and becoming too dang hard to take off and put back on. I cut it up and threw it away this week, and since then my temp has dropped from the mid 80's to 76. Too cold for anyone but me to jump in. I'm sad. I really, truly, hate dealing with my solar...