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    Intellicenter Questions

    My pool builder supplied an Intellicenter 8 circuit load center w/ the transformer for the salt generator and a 521223 i5 + 3S Personality kit. This kit does not have a screen to operate it, just buttons for the relays. How do you control it? Does it need a Screen logic kit? Or has my...
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    SuperFlo and IntelliFlo Pumps

    Would it make sense to use a Superflo pump with an Intellicenter or should a Intelliflo pump be used? Thanks!
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    Pentair Cartridge Filter

    I have a 18x40' 3.5-9.5 deep pool. The pool builder has supplied a Pentair Clean and Clear 200 filter. Is this a good selection or should I request a larger filter? The pump is a 2.2hp VS.
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    New Construction Maryland 10-9-20 Finally!!

    Pool construction finally started Friday morning after waiting since May for permits mostly due to the Maryland Health Dept. Pool is 40x18 with a 10x10 tanning shelf, 3.5'-9', APC Autocover, All Pentair equipment, Intellicenter, Saltwater, 3 Microbrites, Cartridge filter, Variable speed pump...
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    Leak Detection

    We've been struggling with a leak in my parents in ground concrete pool for the past couple years. I got involved because when they are out of town I stop by thier house, water the flowers and make sure the pool is operating....just like a good son But every time it annoys me...
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    Easy Touch

    My new pool is coming with the Easy Touch automation. My builder does not recommend IntelliCenter for my pool because I don't have many features to control. I'm sure he would have no problem selling me that if thats what I wanted. My pool is pretty basic 18x36 rectangle with 3 lights and a...
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    New Build in MD

    After about 3 years of going back and forth if I want to get a pool I've finally found a builder and decided on a design. I'm being told permits are running slow in my county (COVID) so construction wont start for several weeks. Hoping that it will be done in sometime in July....but you know...