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    Hot, hot, hot! How to get your pool ready for your end of summer swimming!

    Also in Central California. Because the fires have made it seem like cloudy days, i haven't really messed with my FC. For some reason the burn rate didn't increase with the heat wave. It has definitely been hot, but less direct sunlight has my water temp a few degrees lower than it was last...
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    Side-cleaner or robotic

    i have a new pool and started with an MX5. it really struggled with the shape of my pool. I got a Pentair Warrior SI and it does a much better job. Neither can handle the baja shelf, so i still have to do that manually. we got our palm tress trimmed last week and the robot ran for 6 hours...
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    Pentair Warrior SE rebate?

    Also got my Warrior SI from Marina Pool and Spa last week. Sent in the rebate a few days ago and already got the email that the rebate has been processed and will be on its way.
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    I kid you not ...

    Mine keeps sucking up the kids goggles. Much smaller than that, but still bulky compared to leaves and dirt.
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    Pool scale already?

    I added some MA after he left then tested and got 7.6 PH and 10 FC/ 0 CC. I still don't think my chemistry is off. I am thinking i shoudl keep the PH closer to 7.6 when he comes back (or lower right before).
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    Pool scale already?

    Hi all- this is my first post, but have been using TFP since I opened my pool. I am having white spots on the quartz plaster finish and have been asking the builder to correct it. the pool is about two months old (end of March 2020). the pool guy was here to lower the ph and scrub the...