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    Replacing Hayward 1.0 HP Pump and Impeller Assembly - Hayward or Pentair?

    Needing advice on replacing full assembly with pump and impeller assembly with basket cartridge. Any recommendations on Hayward vs Pentair? Variable Speed vs One Speed? I have a Saltwater 15k gal in-ground pool with pebble sheen. Thanks in advance!
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    Dolphin M Series vs S Series...Differences

    I am shopping for a robotic cleaner, preferably the Dolphin line. I am between the S300 and S300i and the M400 and M500. Can anyone tell me what the main difference are? Has anyone on the forum purchased any of these and if so, why did you choose that model. Thanks! 15k gallon pool Pebble...
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    Zodiac MX8 Elite vs Pentair Dorado - Can Anyone Help With Choosing?

    I have a saltwater pool, rectanular 15,000 gal. with Blue Surf Pebblesheen finish and looking for a new suction pool cleaner. Does anyone have one of these that can help me choose one ?
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    Pool Cleaner Recommendation

    I have a 15,000 gallon pool with pebble sheen blue surf. I am looking at the Dorado pool cleaner. Can anyone tell me if this is a good choice for an pebble surface?
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    Renovation - Pebble Sheen Glass - How Much To Add?

    I have a pool under renovation that is 15' wide , 25 long, 3 ft deep and 6 ft deep. I am adding Pebble Sheen finish Blue Surf and wanting to add Cobalt Blue glass. How much should I add? Also, pool company is telling me Aqua Blue is no longer available, true?