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    Circuit Board Aquarite Goldline SWG

    Test indicate power is getting to Aquarite Goldline AQR15, but LED on Display Board indicates no power. Test shows no electricity in red, black & orange wires between Main Display Board & terminals on the back of the box. The one yellow wire between the transformer & a terminal at the back of...
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    CH Test Accuracy

    Following the directions for testing CH using the TF 100 Kit, I noticed that when I add the 3 drops of R-0011L to the 10 drops of R-0010, the water turns a sort of pale pink, as opposed to "red". When adding the drops of R-0012, the water turns a pale blue. Is this within the normal range of...
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    Ladder Rails and Rust

    Have stainless steel ladder rails/treads that are experiencing rust at the holes the bolts go through to fasten the treads to the rails. I think the culprit is the bolts. If I remove the treads, and the nuts/bolts, then treat them with naval jelly to remove rust, then reinstall the treads, will...
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    Sacrificial Zinc Anode

    Anyone have any experience with this? Not the in-line type, but the clamp type that gets attached to the part of the pool ladder that remains underwater. Ladder treads are have some rust. Thanks very much.
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    As I hope the attached photos illustrate: rust is beginning to appear at the point where the horizontal stainless steel steps are bolted onto the vertical railing. Naval jelly removed the rust from one of the steps I took out. Is there any sort of rust preventative product I should apply before...
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    Floating blanket

    Not having much success looking on-line for a simple floating (not attached to anything) blanket to cover our 15 X 30 in-ground pool. Aim is more to mitigate evaporation, than retain heat. We've a heat pump to warm up pool water during the day. Would like to just purchase whatever material is...
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    Heat pump v heat recovery

    Which is more energy/cost efficient to heat pool in the long run: a heat recovery system or a heat pump? Thanks very much.
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    Selling AquaCal T115 heat pump

    Wish to sell my AquaCal T115 heat pump. Was purchased new in 2018. Works as it should: no issues; no damage. We've decided we really don't need it after all. Was advised to post this message here. Am open to suggestions as to how I should proceed. Thanks very much.
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    Strange swg readings

    Have Hayward Aqua-Rite 15. When checking diagnostic readings, this is what was displayed: before pushing the diagnostic button: the Average Salt Level reads 3.10. Upon pushing the diagnostic button to check each reading, the following is displayed: 1) No water temp is displayed; only the figure...
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    Replace motor?

    Have Century V-Green 165 variable speed motor; about 7 years old. Never had an issue until now. Motor randomly stops. When it does, red fault light blinks for about a minute, then motor resumes running at prime speed. Once past normal prime speed , motor runs at the speed for that step &...
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    Life of SWG Cell

    SWG installed 4 years ago. Have kept cell clean, etc. according to schedule. If I added salt to bring reading up 3400 3 weeks ago, and today it reads 1700, what are the chances it's due to the cell ? Thanks. Henry
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    Bulb for inground pool light

    Wish to replace existing incandescent regular 100 watt bulb in underwater, inground pool light fixture with an appropriate LED bulb. The fixture or housing into which the bulb fits reads: "American Products Co.; Model R-100 BC, 12 Volt; Max Lamp Wattage-100, Type R-30. Wet Niche Fresh Water...
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    RPM Timing

    Have a variable speed pump motor with 3 settings. Doe it make any sense to have different settings for whatever I want the maximum, minimum, standard RPMs to be? If so, when would I set each? meaning would I want the maximum to be when the pump first comes on, or later, etc. OR: does it make...
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    Water temp & SWG

    Have Hayward AQR15 SWG & AquaCal TropiCal heat pump. At random times, with no particular pattern, the temp reading on the Hayward will read about 6 or 7 degrees higher than the temp reading on the heat pump or the thermometer in the pool. Stays that way anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Is...
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    Questions TF Test Kit Results

    Have used the TF 100 Test Kit for years, and trust its results. Never an issue until now. 1) CH test; adding R-0010 & R-0011L resulted in very light pink. Took 20 drops of R- 0012 to become a faint blue. Did test twice; same result. If this is accurate, it indicates my CH is about 500 ppm. How...
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    SWCG/Pump Same Timer?

    Have only swcg connected to line terminals on Intermatic 104. Pump is connected to load terminals. Pump has only duration & rpm settings. Wish both pump & swcg to be on/off at same time. Will it blow up the swcg if I also connect pump to same load terminals? Or . . . is it better to install a...
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    24/7 or not

    I've a Century V Green 165 VS motor and an Aquarite T-15 SWG. At present, the system runs 16 hours a day: 4 hours at 1850 rpm; 6 hours at 1600 rpm; and 6 hours at 1350 rpm. Am toying with the idea of running it 24/7. Some comments seem to indicate this is really unnecessary, inefficient, and may...
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    Purchase chemicals

    I've not taken my pool water to be tested at a pool store for many years. I use the T-100 kit, and have been met with excellent results. When I do need to buy chemicals, I look on line and come across a gahzillion sites, all having a variety of brand names. Anyone know of a any sites that are...
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    Change SWG?

    Like some of the other posts, I seem to be having a calibration issue, as well. I've a AQR15; installed new in 2015. The initial reading is at 2200. When I push the Diagnostic button 5 times it reads -3200. So I do the recalibration exercise & the initial reading then matches the recalibration...
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    Heat Pumps

    Am considering purchase of a heat pump, but know very little about what to consider when making such a purchase, so am open to comments by anyone who knows more than I. Thanks very much.
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    sulfuric acid v muriatic acid

    The fellow who owns his own, local pool store mentioned that sulfuric acid is a better way to affect pH than muriatic acid. I've not heard this before, and have always used muriatic acid. My SWG needed cleaning, and I used muriatic acid, which seem to work just fine. But he said sulfuric acid...
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    Algae spots in Pool

    Live in south Florida and have SWG for in ground pool. It is kept properly balanced using TFP Kiet & Pool Math. Recently the same sort of algae spots mentioned above have developed in pool. If algaecide isn't recommended, what is? Thanks very much.
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    Pool Math question

    Like Pool Math; use it all the time after I've tested pool chemistry using TF test kit. Just now it occurred to me that I may be doing something incorrect relative to pH measurement. On the line that mentions adding muriatic acid, there's several options, one of which indicates "31.45%-20...
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    Faulty SWG cell or board?

    Had new Hayward AQR15 system installed in 9/2015. Cell has been maintained according to directions & a test 2 weeks ago at a Hayward dealer indicates it is working as it should. For the past several months, weekly testing reveals that no matter where I set the Desired Output (%age of cell time...
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    TFTestKit, how to measure PH

    I've followed the directions for Weekly Tests and used Pool Math site to sum up results. The only figure I do not find how to measure on the Weekly Test directions, but that the Pool Math calculator asks for is PH. Am uncertain how to manage that. Should I get the PH figure using what's in the...
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    How to Keep PH Level Stable

    Seems my PH level is always on the rise. I add the acid to lower it to about 7.6, but then in about a week's time, it creeps back up to above 8.0. This happens even if the TA is within the 60 - 100 range. Some suggestions have mentioned that once PH is lowered to about 7.0 or so, aerate the pool...
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    Light Bulb

    We've been using Halco 100W R20 12 volt light bulbs in the single light for our pool. They do not seem to last long. Anyone know if there is an LED equivalent of this bulb? Or perhaps a brand, type, or kind that tends to have a long life? Thanks very much.
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    Display Readings

    1)Is it a correct assumption that when the Cell Amperage reads 0.00, and the Instant Salt reads 0000, it is because, at that moment, the cell is not generating anything? 2) On occasion the Instant Salt reading is below the Average Salt Level reading. Does this have any significance? Should I...
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    SWG Cell Amperage

    Have a AquaRite with T-15 cell. Sometimes (not always) when I run diagnostics, the cell amperage figure does not remain on one number, but rapidly fluctuates. The numbers remain within the 3.1-8.0 range, but instantly change from about 5.3 or so to 5.8 or so. What does this condition indicate...
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    ?How to lower FC?

    Live in south Florida. Pool is in-ground, 15 X 30; holds close to 20000 gallons. Use TFTest Kit 100 . Am having difficulty lowering FC. Have SWG that operates at 35%, and a variable speed motor that operates 8 hours daily at 3 different speeds. Figures on 10/8/2016 are as follows: FC: 11.5...