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    Saltwater vs Chlorine

    I’ve been using the method within this website for 15 years and have had a cloudy pool twice in those 15 years because I didn’t keep my chlorine levels up for three or four straight days. Never green!!! with that said the pool guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Salt water does not make...
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    Filter PSI steadily going down

    So more of a mystery I’m trying to understand then a problem I’m trying to fix. the PSI of my DE filter has steadily gone down from about 13 to about 7-8. However, flow is super issues at all. Skimmers (2) is not blocked up and very strong suction there too. MaIn drain also strong...
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    Water Softner?

    Anyone know if I can use my Water test kit to measure hardness of my water for my water softener? I need to change a setting on my water softener but it’s asking for hardness in grains per gallon. I’m guessing if use my calcium tester but I don’t know if that’s all that’s testing for hardness.
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    Considering Salt - Have questions

    Someone mentioned this above but worth repeating before you go spending money if all you want is the feel of “soft water”. I have a 20 x 40 vinyl pool, 30,000 gallons and I simply went to Lowe’s, purchased qty 15 40 pound bags of water softener salt with no additives. Spread them to the...
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    Saturation index

    Should I even worry about saturation index? I don’t quite understand how it could say it’s off yet all my other numbers are perfect. CYA 45 FC 10 Ph 7.6 TA 120 Saturation index = -.8
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    Normal FC loss per day

    I realize it depends on weather, use, etc., what would be a “normal” range of FC loss. Assume CYA=50, PH 7.5, TA 110, sunny 85 degrees, 8 hours of direct sunlight? I put solar cover on at night to reduce evaporation and heat loss....gets quite cool at night...65-70 degrees.
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    Fighting Algae / Prevention

    I know it was mentioned before but I thought I’d post this anyway. I have been brushing my pool and loosening up anything that the walls on the walls although it really wasn’t. however on a whim I happen to just pull out the ladder. I had brushed under it with the brush by hand and a lot of...
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    Should I use Floc?

    Forgot. Here is a picture. Note the liner is faded as it is over 15 years old. But otherwise water is crystal clear.
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    Should I use Floc?

    Completed SLAM....lost .5 PPM of FC overnight....about 9 hours. FC is a bit too high at 28ppm but pool is clean and clear. glad I was talked off the ledge and didn’t use the floc! I guess once you turn 50 you start to lose your patience!
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    Should I use Floc?

    does it matter if I leave the solar cover on or off? as this will help keep FC level high for longer period of time i assume.
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    Should I use Floc?

    OK OK you guys talked me off the cliff! No floc! Just a quick question, does it matter if I leave the cover on or off? I’d prefer to leave on to keep the chlorine level from going down to fast. Also what is OCLT? Never mind.....I saw it in the SLAM process...First time I've ever heard this...
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    Should I use Floc?

    Bleach is expensive these days. Takes a lot to keep this lame process going! 😋
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    Should I use Floc?

    I guess my question is will floc hurt anything or is it just a quicker way to get rid of all those particulates. I’m OK with backwashing if I have to
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    Should I use Floc?

    The grids are actually brand new and just put in ( correctly)
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    Should I use Floc?

    I’ve been doing this as explained. However still don’t have that sparkling water. The one thing I failed to mention and didn’t think it was important was that I took the water to the pool store to get it analyzed because I wanted to make sure my test kit was it failing. I have a very good test...
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    Should I use Floc?

    I've been using the BBB method for over 15 years and NEVER have put anything else in my pool. For some reason I can't get the "haze" out of my pool. Can see bottom but it just not as crystal sparkling as I have had. I have been running the pool filter 24 hours for last 4-5 days. I've brushed the...
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    Hello from NJ

    Have had pool for over 13 years and used the BBB method from the very beginning. Have never had a green pool. 20x40 vinyl 30k gal