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    New Fiberglass install in Clarksville TN (Dig started Nov 16, 2020)

    Looks fantastic! I did not think it would look so much better so quickly.
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    Extra Outlets

    We have one on a stake at the back of the shelter we build on the deck. Perfect for the robot because it is also in line with the center of the pool. We also have 1 each near the post lamps we have on the corners of the deck. To be honest, those do not really get used much, but they are nice...
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    New Fiberglass install in Clarksville TN (Dig started Nov 16, 2020)

    I agree if it is not gone by now..... Maybe a nice power wash will take care of it. Can you try that out in a small area? I do not know, however, if it is too soon to power wash concrete of that age.
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    New Build - Austin, Texas - Electrical Question Regarding Breakers

    Right on, that will look like a grout-y mess and really stand out.
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    Courtyard 2nd story fiberglass pool in North GA.

    Gainesville! My son goes to school in Dahlonega. Lots of fiberglass owners here, pepper us with questions.
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    New Build - Austin, Texas - Electrical Question Regarding Breakers

    Slide looks great! You have a wonderful build!
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    Pool decking retaining wall on sloped yard

    Maddie is correct, his build is amazing.
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    To slide or not to slide?

    We did the rough-in at build time and installed it prior to the 2nd year. What we did not do was select the slide we wanted in advance so they could rough-in efficiently. They roughed in for their standard slide. We wanted something different and ended up with a 2-foot piece of flex pipe...
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    I Won the [Case], By a Lot!

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    New Construction Maryland 10-9-20 Finally!!

    The pool looks great! You mentioned something from Costco - we installed this earlier this summer. We added a ceiling fan and lights and really like it.
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    New Latham fiberglass off 2 inches

    No way. Have them re-set it. The stringent Leisure guidelines are achievable, don't let them tell you differently. I realize you do not have a Leisure, but that they can suggest such a level pool means it can be done.
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    Scale buildup in fiberglass pool

    Pat: Full strength MA or dilute it a little? --Jim
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    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    Oh no! Now we get to help Kim spend her money on all of the bling. On a serious note, I am happy that there was no damage other than the mess.
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    Winterizing Question - How low do you go?

    Covering the skimmer is a nice idea, I'll do the same I think.
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    Winterizing Question - How low do you go?

    So here is what they did..... blow out skimmer - add antifreeze (about 1/2 gallon) then put the bottle of antifreeze - still with some left in it - into the skimmer. I thought about putting a noodle in there as well but it does seem like the bottle would be like the gizmo in absorbing the...
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    Winterizing Question - How low do you go?

    Good timing for this question. I am using a different company for closing this year, the builder I have does not come this far for service any longer. I had a new pump installed this year by a local company and they did a fine job so they get my closing business. In the past water was only...
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    What to use for a dummy tube

    I had the same question this weekend after closing. I tried to make my own using parts from Lowes but that did not work. I ended up using a pool noodle that I cut and stuck inside each end of the piping and put the chlorinator safely inside. Does anyone think this is a problem? It is a very...
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    Oh No! Pool drain!

    Agreed, you are well on your way!
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    Fiberglass Weirdness?

    Very nice!
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    Poured Concrete Coping/Problems

    What Kim said (y)(y)(y)(y).
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    Awful Concrete Coping

    In looking at the first photo, even if the deck were in line with the string laid out - the spillover looks too far away. I have no idea if it is, but to my untrained eye (I do not have a spa) it looks like the water will struggle to get into the pool without a lot of splashing on the deck. I...
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    Awful Concrete Coping

    That is something more than "it's normal for a long wall". For comparison, I have a Leisure Moroccan 38 and mine is straight as an arrow. As sonup2000 noted, it looks like someone who has very little experience in cantilevered coping for fiberglass pools. If the short sides are OK, maybe they...
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    Bad concrete & coping job?

    This is my question as well. As I noted up-thread, the cantilever coping forms are placed such that the coping overhangs the deck by a certain distance. In fact when we ran out of money on our original build I cut the tile from the project thinking I could do it myself later. I thought I...
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    Bad concrete & coping job?

    Might tile cover up the white strip? Run it to the top where the strip makes a 90° turn. You can trim back the strip where it might stick out from the tile. On a second look, it appears that the desk is too high. I do not recall seeing that much of the "curve" where the pool wall transitions...
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    Construction Delays? High Demand/Covid Delays = Long Waits

    The folks who built my pool just mentioned on twitter that they were scheduling 200 days out from contract signing to begin.
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    Official 2020 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    I do 3-2-1 ribs but it never seems to take that long, but I plan for it just in case.
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    Bad concrete & coping job?

    My thoughts..... Not the greatest broom finish, I agree with Dirk. The facing of the coping is awful, I do not think there is a fax for that. They may try to get you to agree to them "skimming" the facing with more cement, but the color will not match (even though it is not colored concrete)...