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    TDS or not TDS

    Okay. This interests me. Everyone is correct and nothing said to date has been correct. TDS does matter. However more importantly TDS make up matters. Old thinking was the TDS is left over chemical ash that can interfere with chemical reactions making them slower and the affected water...
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    LSI History Anyone??

    I have been thinking about something and its bothering me. If I read enough pool books I will find reference to use of potassium permanganate and lime prior to about the 1920's when calcium hypochlorite became the sanitiser of choice. I can go back to 1936 and find Dr Langelier's paper which...
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    pH Rising when Blower Activated

    I was wondering if anyone had a simple explanation for this? Its driving the chemical controller nuts and leads to over dosing. I have noted when the spa sits at idle the parameters might be: FAC 3.0 pH 7.5 TA 80 Then the aeration starts with blowers and jets and the parameters change mostly...