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    Robot Cleaners

    I'm trying to simplify my life and every little time saver I can come up with will help. I have a Hayward Tiger Shark Robot cleaner for our pool. It does a great job cleaning, but cleaning the filters is water and time consuming. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, did...
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    Intellichlor 40 , only a few years old. All lights are green except the Cell Light. Salt level light is green on the Intellichlor and by my testing. Flow light is green. When I bump up the % chlorine production, the cell light comes on, but then the next time I check it, the cell light is off...
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    Pool opened 5/8/2020. I hire this done. Chlorine level was high (30), I'd been watching carefully. SWG turned off, not very sunny, pool cover open, watching chlorine level drop by 1 point per day. two days ago chlorine still high at 14, we were going to have rain and it was cold, so closed...
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    Mice, Mice, Mice!

    We have had our pool for 7 years and I've never had any problems with mice. Tonight I found our third mouse this year. The first one was on the bottom of the pool and the last two were in the skimmer. The only thing different this year, is the use of Boric Acid and the fact that I've left the...
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    Aww-some Cleaner

    I see where Ahh-Some cleaner is recommended for cleaning hot tubs (and I'm getting mine ordered this week). But does anyone use it as maintenance in their pool. It looks like they have a product made for pools that is used monthly to keep biofilm out of the pool pipes, filters, etc.:(
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    Clorine Level and Boric Acid

    I just opened our pool a week ago. It is in pretty good balance but the total chlorine is still a little high. This is the first year I will be adding Boric Acid and I was wondering if I need to get the chlorine level down before adding the Boric Acid. I read in the post about "so you want to...
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    In middle of SLAMing and having problems

    On Aug 17th I noticed the pool was cloudy. Full disclosure, I neglected the pool for 1-1.5 weeks. :( FC was zero, ph was 7.2, so after reading the SLAM procedure, I added liquid chlorine. Based on my CYA (40), I needed a Shock free chlorine level of 24. So I wanted to keep it above that...
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    Discrepancy between pH strips and drops

    Please start a new thread for your own questions. Thanks, jblizzle I have been using the TF-100 test kit for everything except the pH and a Chem-Tek 5 way test kit for the pH (because it has the ability to adjust for high chlorine levels). However, this year I am nervous about the discrepancy...
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    Pentair Intellichlor IC40 - cheching remaining life

    I have a Pentair Intellichlor IC (?I think it is the 40, but not sure). It is working, but I was trying to check the "life remaining" on the generator. I have only had the generator for 2 years (we are in our second year of running the pool). When I push and hold the MORE button, My lights...
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    Alkalinity and pH drifting down when normally drifts up..

    this is our second year for our pool and normally I found that the pH and Alkalinity drifted up and I would add acid and all would be good. However, it they have both drifted down and I don't know the cause. Granted, I know I can fix it, but I want to be sure there isn't another problem that I...
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    Alkalinity test in the T100

    Any thoughts about color change? Typically it is blue and then you add drops of #9 until it turns red (or in high chlorine it turns yellow). Any thoughts if it just turns a different color or blue? I wasn't sure if I "overshot" the red? Has anyone seen this before. I tested it yesterday and...
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    Frustrated......pool chemistry

    We have had our pool open since April 2012 (built October 2011). We had one episode of cloudy water, shocked it, got the problem fixed. Or, at least with our test strips, checking water at two different pool locations in town, etc. Then as the weather started to cool off and we turned the...