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    New pool owner - first tropical storm

    Need some forward thinking help - NJ is partially under a tropical storm warning. I am outside of that, but have the potential for 4 inches of rain (or more) For those who have gone through a lot of rain in a short period of time, what should I be expecting when this madness is over sometime...
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    new pool in use - temp escalated quickly

    A week full - and sitting in the sun baking. Got to 91 today. What temp should I be concerned with getting too hot? I enjoy the hotter pool. Still refreshing for my old bones, and getting out to 90 degree temps makes it nice out.
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    Is there ever a day (or 2) when you don't have to do anything?

    Very new to this. Pool got installed last week, filled it up. And being the mean parent I am, wouldn't let anyone touch the water until I got everything looking really good. Right now: FC 4.5 (same as yesterday, and the day before) CC <0.5 (saying less than because the solution barely turns a...
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    Starting up pool

    Hi - Working with an above ground 15 x 30 oval (approx 12000 gallons). I filled using city water and garden hose (took a while...). I have a TF100 kit. Here are my tested levels: FC - 1.0 CC - 0.5 CYA - 0 (not sure if it did that test correctly, but after slowly pouring and looking the black...
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    Pool in - filling up

    Hi All - I am very interested in learning and doing things right (and easy). I came to this site years ago when we were thinking of doing a fiberglass in-ground pool. Things didn't work out with the town and we were never able to do it. Fast forward, we were able to push through some permits...
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    narrowed it down to two builders, have questions on equipment

    neither builder mentioned anything like this yet, but in all fairness are really in the pricing stage and not the actual design... Builder B did state that I didn't want a larger filter than the 150 ft2 because it wouldn't work...
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    narrowed it down to two builders, have questions on equipment

    Please elaborate - I'm new to all this and would think plumbing layout is set by how the pool is built and put in. Where should skimmers and returns be placed. I'm working on equipment pad layout mostly on location and accessibility. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated since this is...
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    narrowed it down to two builders, have questions on equipment

    Looking at having a fiberglass pool installed. Both are in the 13k gallon range, but are different manufacturers (one dolphin industries (made in NJ) and one Viking). Builder A would use a Pentair clean and clear plus cartridge filter (CCP420, 420 sq. feet of filter), a pentair intelliflow...
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    Potential new pool owner - tons of questions

    A little about me (us). We are a family of 4 with 2 young kids (4 & 2 soon to be 5 & 3). Got a grand idea to start looking into pools. We don't have a ton of money to budget and really want something (relatively) maintenance free. So we are leaning toward fiberglass. We have been talking to...