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    Another New Pool - N.Houston

    I guess its time to join the parade of new builds as I am very close to selecting a PB. After a lengthy process of meeting PB's and going through the initial design process/quote with 5 or 6, I narrowed down to three that I have asked for final quotes. I received the first of these today...
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    Pentair Easy Touch Controller - Very Confused

    Hi all, First time pool owner here. Just purchased a relatively new home with a relatively new pool in N.Houston, TX. The system is controlled by a Pentair Easy Touch (P4EASYTOUCH denoted on label on back of controller). I've gotten very little training on the pool other than what my service...
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    New pool build - Seeking input

    I've researched a number of different pool builders in my area and after a few design adjustments, etc I'm close to going to contract with a build date at the end of August. I'd appreciate feedback. I've seen the threads on the merits (or rather lack thereof) of Ozone in residential outdoor...