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    Buying a house - possible pool leak

    It could be a pool leak or something less sinister like drainage outflow from either the deck or the pool. A low spot adjacent to the pool would be a likely spot for those to intentionally drain into. Also around me public parks are typically built on areas that flood since nothing can really...
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    A very naive pool owner here!

    The muriatic acid should have a strength listed on the bottle, those listed as "green" are weaker. If it is 31.45% you would need to add about 40oz. You can measure or eyeball it, about 1/3 of the jug. Do not store that near metal or near chlorine.
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    A very naive pool owner here!

    Post all of your results when you have time like this: FC CC PH 8.0 TA CH CYA Salt level Your salt cell is set to 100% production that just means its running all the time when your pump is on. Your automation can be addressed by people who know more about it. But you should be able to go...
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    First Test and What is Next?

    If you added the 52oz of stabilizer on Sunday and didn't pull it, then it is all in the pool. That puts your CYA at 70 and your slam at level at 28.
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    A very naive pool owner here!

    @Muna Make sure you get the Taylor 2006 not 2005. The TF-100 includes that taylor kit. With a salt pool and a robot you will honestly have very little to do in daily or weekly maintenance. At first you will want to test daily to see what your average chlorine usage is so you can set your SWG...
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    A very naive pool owner here!

    And just so you feel comfortable that you can do this - roughly a year ago I was a first time, extremely naive, pool owner. I still learn a ton here but feel like I have a grasp on most the basics to keep my pool operating at its best!
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    A very naive pool owner here!

    This website, and it's free! Unless you'd like to donate to keep it running. Any specific questions you have ask them in the thread and...
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    Cloudiness help?

    @Lfleming a week is not a terribly long time for the starting conditions of the pool. What type of filter do you have? Could you post some pictures of the current water conditions? Daily pics straight down from the top step are helpful so you (and us) can see if there is actual progress...
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    What's pooping in my pool?

    Not 100% sure on size but my guess would be rats over squirrels. Is there poop on the deck and in the pool? I suppose if the pool is downwind it could blow in. Rats would be able to crawl out of the pool. Mice prob not. I'd want to know if they are late night swimming but that seems to be a...
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Michigan members - Meijer is trying to clear out pool supplies. 4 pack of 10% "pool shock" is on sale for $10.99 currently. Check the dates, some of the stuff on the shelf was 5 months old where I went.
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    OMG my Hubby added Baking POWDER in error

    My guess is its the cornstarch that is clouding the water but cornstarch doesn't stay in suspension, it tends to clump unless heated or mixed vigorously. What type of filter do you have? A cartridge filter will probably clear it out quicker, sand might take a bit.
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    Can it wait until the next spring?

    Keeping pool water balanced in your area will be easier as the weather cools. Personally I would want to get it cleared in September, close it in late October, then open at the end of April. This way you are ahead of the game before swimming weather starts in late May early June. If you...
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    Starting procedures for new pool, new pool owner

    You can also click on the "old pool math" link at the bottom of the page. I actually prefer to use that version.
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    High CYA.

    Best option is "Liquid Pool Shock" which is sold at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes. This is usually 10-12.5% sodium hypochlorite, same thing as bleach but stronger. If you can't find that you want plain generic bleach. Stay away from clorox brand or any types that are scented or say "splashless".
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    Rookie here. All was great until a few days ago.....

    Are you having any issues with water quality? I know you've drained and refilled to lower your CYA but were you having Algae problems before you came here? If not you just need to keep your FC level between 6-8 for a CYA level of 50. It's ok if you overshoot by a bit, I would aim for 10 ppm...
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    Rookie here. All was great until a few days ago.....

    You have your CC(combined chlorine) as 5.5 which hopefully is wrong. Is that supposed to be TC, which we don't really use here. Just list your FC and then CC. Is your CC 5.5 or 1.5?
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    First Day Pool Owner

    Can you run a hose to sewer, a drain for spanish tile system, or anywhere else that's not on the lawn? You're gonna have to drain it in the winter so not a bad thing to have to learn to do now. If its closer you could do a laundry sink or kitchen sink if needed.
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    First Day Pool Owner

    Usually the liquid pool shock is a better buy. Same stuff but stronger and cheaper. WALMART, Lowes, HD all should have a version. Its 10-12.5% chlorine. If you can't find that you can use regular bleach. Stay away from clorox brand or any that say splashless or have additives.
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    Algae, followed the SLAM criteria, here's what I've done and measured (timline), still blue & cloudy

    No not a drain. A side port vacuum or one you can attach to the skimmer and send to waste (you might not have a multiport valve though). @Mdragger88 will tell you if there's another option, I'm unsure. Vacuuming the debris and discharging it so it doesn't reenter your filter since that...
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    Help with my first SLAM

    The problem with slamming without a good test kit (Taylor 2006c of TFT-100) is that you need to know your CYA level exactly before slam and the FC level exactly during the slam. If you are off by a bit on each you will be spinning your wheels trying to clear the pool.
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    Help with my first SLAM

    We know you said you don't want to fill from tap because of hard water but if your CH is really at 200, and that is the hardness of your fill water, you are never going to run into an issue of that being too high. You don't really need it in your vinyl liner pool but you also don't need to...
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    Persistent algae, please help!

    I agree with @cowboycasey. If you pull the stairs for a couple days and clean them outside of the pool it removes a variable at least. Run an OCLT after the second night and see if your FC consumption is within range.
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    Persistent algae, please help!

    Can you remove the stairs and address them separately?
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    Clear Pool with High Nitrates & high Chlorine consumption

    If you really want TFP spend that $1500 on a SWG, follow this site religiously, and you'll spend less than $200 a year on chemicals.
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    New owner of an old hybrid

    Wow. Seems like some people on here struggle refinishing those hybrid pools. If you have the time you might post more details about the method used - if you had good results it might help someone down the line.
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    Questions about process with test results

    Also your cya is now in your sand filter dissolving so if you have to backwash you will lose most of it. Thats one of the reasons the sock method is advised along with the potential to clog your suction line.
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    Running Pump at Night

    I get cheaper energy rates with Consumers in MI if I push my energy usage out of the 2-6 time frame during the summer so I choose to run my pump outside of that time frame 8-11 and 7-9 every day. Determine Pump Run Time - Trouble Free Pool If you are a single speed pump you really only...
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    Running Pump at Night

    I run mine in the morning and evening due to cheaper energy costs but running overnight isn't really an issue. You may have slightly elevated FC levels at the start of the day and then burn off to reach target by the end of the day. Just a question though with your ic30 and 8k pool shouldn't...
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    Trying to figure out how many gallons my pool is?

    Did you test your CYA levels or did they? It would take over 4 pounds of stabilizer to raise the CYA level in a 10k gallon pool from 50 to 100. Your pool volume is important but one of those tests has to be wrong if you only added 2 pounds of stabilizer.
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    Caught raccoon taking a dip. NO POOP

    Do you or one of your neighbors have bird feeders or a food source that is attracting them? I only ask because if she's in your yard in the daytime its likely she's frequenting it and if a food source is attracting it eliminating it will encourage her to move on. We had a pack take out our...