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    Slam help

    I know thats the part I didn't understand but if you look at the two sets of pics its not just the orientation of the stains. They are next to the exact same liner patterns. Those spots havent moved an inch.
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    Slam help

    @Texas Splash those two sets of pictures are from different days? The orientation of the stains looks identical not just similar.
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    Any suggestions? I'm beyond perplexed and think I must be doing something wrong..

    Disregard the above correction. You are right for a 10 ml sample you multiply by .5 not .2. Wait on a mod to come through and give you advice.
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    Chemistry is good, algae still grows

    Does the pool water get close to 60 degrees in the winter? That's about your average high temp in Jan and Feb right? Seems possible you could get slow growth during those months especially near the water line if your FC is 0.