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    Hayward Knock Off Replacement Pumps

    I just noticed from another thread that the Hayward pumps are assembled in China, with that in mind, has anyone had luck with the cheaper Hayward knock-off pumps listed as several different brands?
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    Difference in Pump Diameter

    My pump info is long gone from the nameplate, and I didn't do well on documentation when we first moved in, all I can remember is that it was a Sta-Rite 1HP. What is the difference between the older pumps (1992) with the thin, larger diameter impeller casing and the newer version of pool pumps...
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    Skimmer Throat Tile Collapsed

    The tile on the roof of my skimmer throatjust collapsed. When we moved in 20 plus years ago, the tile was held in place by RTV silicone. I reset it but now there is more thinset that has come loose. I was told by a pool company that wanted $400.00 just to send a crew out without repairing...
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    Acid Wash

    20,000 gallon in ground pool, was re-plastered in 2014, now I have scale buildup on the plaster, the buildup feels like 80 grit sandpaper, probably started about a year after it was re-plastered, I've treated it during the colder months with Scaltec with little success. Where can I find the...
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    Using Air Conditioner as Pool Heater/Condenser

    Back when I was in HVAC circles there were a few guys that tried this on their own with limited success, has anyone on TFP boards tried this? ... uperheater ... mming-pool
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    Skimmer Lines

    Apparently have a leak in skimmer line, I can valve off either the skimmer line or the main drain line. With both lines to the pump open it sucks air, with only the main drain line open I get no air to the pump, with only the skimmer line open it sucks a considerable amount of air to the pump...