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    Electronic descaler

    Thanks, I thought it sounded too good.
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    Electronic descaler

    Not exactly pool related, but I figured you guys might be able to help anyway. The city water here in Seattle is generally pretty soft (CH 40 as of this afternoon although I wonder if it doesn't fluctuate), but we’ve often had tiny (mostly white) stones collect in our aerators and shower heads...
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    In-ground spa aeration (not another aeration post!)

    Boric acid won’t reduce your acid demand, but it will let you add the acid less frequently which is still a win. As a bonus, it inhibits algae growth and I think the water feels nicer. If you cannot find boric acid in Oz, check around for “Borax” in the laundry/cleaning supplies aisle of you...
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    Mesh cover... Tons of leavea

    If I watch mine on a really windy day the edges flap a little with the big gusts. You could try weighting the edges down with bags of sand or water. I just deal with it.
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    Using Dichlor for initial SLAM

    I'd give pretty good odds your salt is not nearly that high.
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    Is shocking your pool once a week really necessary?

    The pucks are also nice for vacations.No one want to come home to a green pool.
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    New pool owner, first test results... seeking advice

    Right. Just hit that algae with the pool brush once in a while to help the chlorine get at it.
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    Cloudy water

    Is there a reason you're not testing CC every time you test FC?
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    Calling Those of you without main or floor drains

    For a few bucks you can get a manual vacuum hose that plugs into the skimmer.
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    Pump that will maintain water level...

    I don't know the laws in PA or how much yard you have, but I do know that some folks have a overflow installed. It is basically a pipe in your skimmer that lets water out if it gets too high. It generally dumps into a drain field, but could go to a sump with a pump that is plumbed to the sewer...
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    Cordless pool robot

    A robot that cleans and heats the pool? I'm in!
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    The FC is probably holding because the days are getting shorter and less bright. I'd leave it alone.
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    New pool owner, old pool.. learning on the fly - Am I doing it right?

    I wouldn't replace too much water without a reliable test (i.e. not from the pool store). If your reading is that close too 100 you'll need to do a diluted test (replace half the sample with tap water and double the reading) to be sure it isn't over 100. And speaking of your kit, you can save a...
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    Pump sucking skimmer dry

    How full is the pool? If it isn't already there, try raising the water level half way up the skimmer opening.
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    Floating Liquid Chlorinator

    Some folks will (gently) drop a jug or two in the pool to slowly mix while they are vacation. I wouldn't do it for fear of bleaching and if I did I wouldn't swim while the jug was still in there. I think a stenner pump might be the nearest thing to what you're looking for.
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    Skimmer Weir

    For what it worth, I've been using a universal door with nothing stopping from swing wherever the water takes it for six years and it seems to do a pretty good job of keeping the junk in the skimmer. Of course there was no door there when we bought the house and that is my only other reference...
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    And the no-name stuff is significantly cheaper.
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    The tabs include CYA. You'll need to either stop using them or resign yourself to replacing water with some regularity. I chose to save the tabs and floater for vacations and other times I cannot get to the pool for several days.
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    upgrade pump or not?

    If your pump is working currently, you might look into just swapping the motor for a 2 speed. That might well save you more than the $200 rebate.
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    Need a way to shut off/cover up main pool drain

    When was the last time you cleaned your filter? I have trouble pulling my skimmer plate off, but never bother to close the pipe to the main drain. Or you can be like my wife. Just pull the basket out and stick the hose in the line to the pump. This will mean all the big junk ends up in the...
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    Weir Door open or close?

    If your pump is running, yes.
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    Pool Chemicals

    What is your chlorine level? IIRC, TC over 10 can cause a false high pH reading.
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    Why don’t I see guys using Algaecide 60 ?

    If you really want to add something else to fight the green menace, I suggest Borates. They have two upsides: they make the water feel nicer and they are persistent (I top mine off every Spring). I haven’t had to deal with algae in years and I don’t even feel like showering after a swim any more.
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    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    No, it just has some similar properties but won't stabilize the chlorine. I use both borates and salt in my pool and love them. The big drawback is that the water gets so clear it can be hard to tell when I need to add more.
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    CYA more than DOUBLED after shocking???!!!

    Welcome to TFP, the transition can be a bit of a bother but it is very much worth it.
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    Jandy Aquapure Question

    I think that is likely to backfire on you.
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    Dull Water

    What is your CC level? Sounds like you might have something growing in there...
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    High CYA -- water change advice

    I imagine you could get a pretty good idea of your hose's fill rate using your water meter and a stopwatch (there is probably an app for that on your phone). A five gallon bucket and a stop watch app should also work.
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    Switching to SWG tomorrow and need guidance please

    Your installer needs to reread (read?) the install manual. The power pack has a power connection and a separate (optional) control connection. I don’t think you care if the system is sometimes has power, but is not on (because the automation has not sent the appropriate signal). The tricky part...
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    added de to sand

    Are you rinsing you filter after you backwash it?