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  1. KurtV

    Make your own charcoal Man does this look like fun.
  2. KurtV

    True hamburgers

    Next time you make hamburgers try this. For each pound of lean to very lean ground beef between two and four ounces of ground pork; more for leaner beef and less for fattier beef. They'll still taste like hamburgers but more so. Most people don't detect a pork flavor but rave about these...
  3. KurtV

    Brisket Rub

    3-4 Tablespoons sea salt or kosher salt (3 tablespoons if you have a heavy hand with the rub, 4 if you're reasonable) 2 Tablespoons back pepper (freshly coarsely ground is best) 2 Tablespoons brown or turbinado sugar (packed if it's brown sugar) 2 Tablespoons sweet and/or hot paprika (I like...
  4. KurtV

    Beer, taste, and pH

    I was enjoying a beer last night when something interesting occurred to me. As most people who enjoy nice beer know, the way you pour the beer and the type of glass you serve it in affect the taste greatly. I was pouring and drinking a fine Trappist ale (Chimay Premiere) which is best enjoyed...
  5. KurtV

    Posts per Page

    How about increasing the number of posts on each page to 25? Looks like it's 20 right now.
  6. KurtV

    Saltwater Pools & Stone/Landscape Damage - It's the Weather?

    I don't know if there's any interest in continuing this discussion (civilly of course) that started in the infamous "Ever know of anyone who doesn't like a SWCG pool?". If so, let's have at it. Here's the discussion so far:
  7. KurtV

    Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

    Thisis kinda interesting. Discuss among yourselves; I'm not touching any of this.
  8. KurtV

    Proposed Experiment - Need Vinyl Liner Samples

    I keep hearing that this level or that of free chlorine will fade vinyl liners. Similarly, that pH below X will cause liners to become brittle. Unfortunately, these statements are always rather imprecise and based on anecdotes or what someone told someon else . My guess is that with CYA in...
  9. KurtV


    Chemistry Gods (Richard and Evan), I don't have the expertise to debunk this system though I'm pretty sure it needs debunking. Can either of you weigh in? Eco-Smarte
  10. KurtV

    Subscribed Threads?

    Is there a way to subscribe to threads and then search for updates for those? That feature is available on the vBulletin forums and is very handy for keeping up with threads you're giving advice on.
  11. KurtV

    Filter Choices

    Few topics in pooldom engender more rancor than the seemingly innocuous filter. Its almost as bad as politics and religion and each type, cartridge, diatomaceous earth (DE) , and sand, has developed cult-like followings. In my research I found the following general consensus (though by no...
  12. KurtV

    How Not to Select a Pool Builder

    Following these rules won't guarantee a bad experience or a bad result, but it will improve your odds of getting both considerably. 1. Don't educate yourself about pool construction or pool systems. Do not read any books on the subject. Do not visit any discussion forums such as