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  1. Pyrodav

    Cigar Smokers hanging out on here?

    I belong to a local nonprofit group called "The Cigar Band". We don't play music, it is named after the band around a cigar. Anyhow we meet every month at a members house and sample the hosts cigar that is provided. We grade it and take notes. At the end of the year we tally up to see what cigar...
  2. Pyrodav

    Crop dusting and pool chemistry.

    My SIL claims they can't open their pool until the farmers are done spraying their fields by airplane? Why and what could they do to open earlier? I'm not sure how far away the nearest field is but it is not real close. Maybe a mile. She claims one year it totally messed them up.
  3. Pyrodav

    What would/do you do?

    I check my FC every morning around 6:30am before the sun hits the pool. My target is 6-8. Used to be 8-10 but the rain/back washing dropped my CYA from 70 to 50. Lately it has been hot and sunny. My FC is hanging around 7-8 in the mornings during this heat spell. Well yesterday is when I...
  4. Pyrodav

    Anybody "deep cleaned" glass media?

    I have Dr. Dryden Activate glass in my sand filter. Just curious if it is deep cleanable when I go to close this winter?
  5. Pyrodav

    PH is TOO stable?

    My TA is 70 my Borate level is 30-50. For three weeks now my PH has been 7.5 7.6. It's like it hit a wall...How long have you went without adjusting your PH?
  6. Pyrodav

    TFT glycerin filled pressure gauge

    Dang they are nice! If you don't have one get one. The one that came with my SF failed in less than 6 months, it was reading 27psi., took it off and it was stuck at 22. Never read over 8 last year...TfT's is holding steady at 5. Awesome product! That's it...just wanted to let you know how...
  7. Pyrodav

    Are you on the fence about going to TFP?

    I have been around pools all my life. Found TFP last year after installing a new pool. I went back and forth to the pool store questioning myself and my Taylor 2006. Finally through the advice of many here I said "David you need to trust your own results and quit going in there." I opened this...
  8. Pyrodav

    I have something to get off my chest!

    It is all of your faults! I came here last year, ordered my Taylor2006c and have been a testing addict ever since! I have ordered extra reagents already. I know what my water is and I still wanna test it! If I keep it up I will have to start volunteering to take care of my whole neighborhoods...
  9. Pyrodav

    Quick question

    I have been using liquid chlorine to open my pool and took it to slam level. Now that it is down what number should I be kicking my SWG on? I have my FC @ 9.4. 9-11 is pool maths daily target numbers. Im thinking I should kick it on 20% now to see how much it jumps. Not planning on swimming...
  10. Pyrodav

    Pool store and my test.

    So I have been checking my water everyday for the last couple of weeks and thought I'd compare my results to the pool store. They have the BioGuard system. My Taylor kit is reading 0 CH the pool store says I have 278 Total hardness...I understand this also includes Mag. But shouldn't I be...
  11. Pyrodav

    Algaecide causing foam?

    When my cleaner comes to the surface it creates a thin layer of fizzing white residue that goes away pretty quick. It looks soapy. My numbers are near perfect. Water is crystal clear. I added my salt (3400 ppm) Sunday. Tuesday I added Boric Acid (30ppm). The pool company closed my pool in...
  12. Pyrodav

    First time SLAM

    Opened my pool yesterday and have let it run @ 2200rpm for 24hrs. FC .24 CC .08 PH 8 TA 140 CH undetectable CYA 50 Added 40oz. of 31.45% MA 128 oz. of 10% Chlorine
  13. Pyrodav

    Opened in SC Ohio today!

    Well, my first year with this pool seems to be starting out pretty good. Took the cover off and crystal clear. Water Temp was 54 this evening. Will be testing the water tomorrow. Need to seal the Concrete also, ran outta time last fall. :cool:
  14. Pyrodav

    Palm Tree Shower

    Got my shower installed! :D
  15. Pyrodav

    Percentage and run time

    After reading for a half hour trying to figure this out I still wanna ask to be sure. So...when I open my pool up this spring and say I wanna run it 24/7, my IC20 is set for 10%. Does that mean that my cell will only be energized and start the 10,000 hr clock at 2.4 hrs. per day? My cell has...
  16. Pyrodav

    Smaller pool harder to maintain?

    I've taken care of saltwater and coral aquariums and know the smaller the aquarium, quicker things can go wrong with water quality. My question is does that pertain to my 7k gallon to your 20k?
  17. Pyrodav

    PST Pool Supplies..Amazon purchase

    I ordered a Taylor kit from them to give as a gift for Christmas. It showed up today and the DPD powder had all spilled out inside the kit...a big nasty mess. I called them and left a message, within 5 minutes they called back. I told them to just send me a bottle and I would be fine. He...
  18. Pyrodav

    Saying hello & thanks!

    Been lurking for awhile as I installed my pool this fall. You guys are great and cannot wait for spring to come around to put good use to what I have learned.