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    Need help with cloudy spa water; use BBB in above ground poo

    Hello, I haven't been here in over a year because my AGP is crystal clear all the time thanks to what I've learned here. Now, hopefully you can give me some advise for my spa. It has been full of water and covered for about a year :oops: I actually thought I had drained it. Anyway, I sucked...
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    Too much CYA

    I know the pucks have gotten my CYA levels too high. It is around 120. My pool is above ground and holds 10,000 gallons of water. Does anyone know how much I need to drain to get my CYA levels back in check? I'm draining it now and it is down about 8 inches. It is 13.5 x 27 feet. Also, if...
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    Where to buy refills for test kit

    I need to buy refills for my test kit, but I can't remember where to find it on this website...HELP, please :)
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    What is a safe level of chlorine to swim at with high CYA levels

    I am probably supposed to start my own thread, but I had a very similar question about CYA/algae. Moderators please move me if necessary. Unfortunately, I was lazy and used the pucks for too long this past spring. I started with a CYA around 50-70 before the pucks. While I was out of town...
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    Bromine spa and chlorine pool- conflict?

    I was just reading another's post about shocking a bromine based spa. I know, I've been pool stored before, but I used to use a bromine floater with tabs (for 3 years), but the guy at the pool store( last summer) said I would be better off using granular bromine that can be used before...
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    Old Baqua algecide with the BBB

    I understand that algecide is really more of an algistat. When I go on vacation and use the pucks in my pool because no one can come over and put bleach in my pool, could I or should I add algecide to prevent algae as well as shock before leaving and putting two floaters in my pool. I would...
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    Pucks, CYA, and water

    I'm not sure where to post this question, but... Ok, so "pucks" add CYA to your water and the only way to reduce CYA is to drain some of your water because it doesn't evaporate. Am I right so far? My question is this, "Is there any CYA in municipal water supplies or does it only come from...
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    Hi! I have been reading about Baqua to Chlorine conversions. I love the pretty pictures and would like to post my own, photos but don't know how. I am totally new to this forum/thread thing, but overall a decent computer user. I'm hoping to convert and become a life time supporter of TFP...
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    Just started a conversion last Sunday

    Split off of this topic. JasonLion Keeping posting information. I just started a conversion last Sunday. I've been reading all of the Baqua to Chlorine forums. My water turned rust when adding shock the first couple of times. I've since switched to store bleach and have the typical pea green...