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    Slam first or later

    Ph 7.5 Fc 10 Cc 0 CH 50 TA 100 Cya 60 Big storm came in so I turned up my SWG to 100 next day I had to drain a couple inches and pool is a light green. Should I just slam now and adjust the rest later? And in what order? Can’t tell is my signature showed up but it’s vinyl salt water in...
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    To much air?

    Air in my pump - YouTube Is this too much air? I can get divert to where it’s only bring water from the pool at the bottom drain port and it almost goes away but if I split it from the basket it bring in the air? I took the floating part of the basket out still no help? It’s causing air build...
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    Cartridge filter install

    Installed a new c4025 cartridge filter in place of a sand filter last night. Today was looking for any leaks”nun” and I can open the bleeder valve on top of it about half way and nothing but air is coming out? I have 10 psi on the gauge. I have some bubbles in the pump and some out the jets but...
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    The opening

    Day one of open. Cleaned out as my leaves as I could I’m sure there is more in the bottom but can see them [emoji22]. Cya is close to 8 might be 7 but just stared the slam. Will test every hr till tonight then I’ll have to back off tomorrow for work. Also ph was 7.5. Added 5 gals of liquid bleach.
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    Less deep end?

    We are looking at a liner replacement next year but we had some thoughts of extending the shallow end of the pool to have less deep? the deep can stay the same depth but less of it. Our pool has 4 section of different depth starts at 3.5 to 5-7-10. I think more 3.5 would be a lot better for my...
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    sand out my jets?

    i Installed a new pentair 2 speed pump a couple days ago and when I switch from low to high speed " what looks like sand" comes out of the jest for a couple seconds every time! any thoughts?:hammer:
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    More circulation

    My pool is kinda irregular like a 8 its a older swim pool with only 2 jets and 1 skimmer I've only been in the home with the pool a couple weeks. I have adjusted the jets and still get little pool move ment. It takes hours for a leaf to go around and some debris never move. Is there any way to...
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    New to Me pool

    Got some pics of my new to me pool that I've been working on since we moved in 3 weeks ago! 20160627_171925_zpscoz2yarh.jpg Photo by power_mind_123callahan3 | Photobucket 20160627_171912_zpsymvwpqo6.jpg Photo by power_mind_123callahan3 | Photobucket
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    Nature2 Fusion Soft Error

    Trying to get more in-depth on trouble shooting my SWG. In ground salt water pool with liner, 28,00 gal. I'm getting a fault with error code 123 and the manual say's 123 Extremely low current to cell. 1. Clean or replace cell if necessary (see Section 6.5).2. Check DC Cord. Cord looks good I...
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    New to pools

    Just moved into a new to me home in Boiling Spring SC and it has a 28000 gal in-ground salt water pool. I also made a post in pumping station for help but I hope this thing does not break my bank account and hope the kids love it. Thanks for having me. Richie
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    I dont know what im doing

    Hello I just purchased a home in Boiling Springs SC, and it has a 28000 gal in-ground,with liner salt water pool. When we got the house last week we was told it is good to go for the summer! Wrong had water tested and 200 bucks later they say its good to swim in. I have never owned a pool so...