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    Chlorine usage slightly hazy water after refill

    Hi everyone. Curious about what normal chlorine usage is after a refill. I used ahhsome and purged and refilled the tub on Saturday. Got some bright green slime but not much else. I started to balance the water that night but ran out of time. Right before bed I put in enough dichlor to raise...
  2. J

    Spa lights just stopped working

    We purged and refilled our hot tub on Saturday this weekend. By the time it came up to temp it was late, but the water looked great with the LED lights on. I spent the morning on Sunday balancing the water and getting the chlorine up to level and was really looking forward to a nice soak last...
  3. J

    Hot Tub in Below Freezing Temps

    Hello everyone. We're supposed to get some below freezing temps in the mid-west this week (low of -12F tomorrow plus a wind chill). I'm a first time hot tub owner and was curious if anything needed to be done for weather that's this cold to prevent any damage. The hot tub has a circ pump that...