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    Wintertime electrical disconnect for in-ground pool pump?

    I have an in-ground pool with a 1HP Hayward Super Pump. It was brand new 3 years ago and last year, it started having intermittent trouble starting (hums and trips the breaker). I picked up a replacement start capacitor which should fix the issue for this season but I suspect that the reason...
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    New spa w/ Frog system - low PH and TA

    I just got a new spa with a built-in Frog system and the PH and Total Alkalinity are very low. Should I try to raise the TA first or the PH? Are borax & baking soda safe to use for raising PH and TA with the Frog system? Is there a guide and chemical calculator for spas like there is for...
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    Do you ever need to change filter sand?

    I purchased my house about 3 years ago. It has an in-ground pool that was built in 1980. It has a sand filter, which I believe to be a Hayward S200. I can't find a model number, but it looks exactly like the pictures I find online. I have no way to be sure, I believe that this is the the...