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    Cell drain down

    I have recently installed my CircuPool swcg. The cell is mounted vertically, flow switch downstream. Both swcg and pump are connected to the same time switch, but with a vs pump I just run it 24/7. I have been considering adding a current sensor system as a safety to prevent the swcg from...
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    Chlorine production

    I have finished my transition from a 14K abv to the new ~32K igv. Last year I used lc (had too many higher priority items to replumb for the swcg.) Typical usage was 1gal per day. Cya then was 30, kept the water at a FC of 4-5 perfectly. This year I installed my RJ30+ (1.5# per day.)...
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    Starting over

    Greetings! A new swim season is about to begin! We are moving (DOT is putting a road through our property) and the new (to us) house has an even bigger and in ground pool (vinyl!) That's the good news. The bad news is it is @32K gallons...and my Circupool is sized for 30K. I'll address that...
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    Hazy water

    Installed a new filter and hard piping this spring (pita, but done!) !00# of pool sand, backwashed several times. Chem levels: FC 7 CC 0 Ph 7.4 TA 70 CH 90 CYA >60 (adding two more pounds, reagent refill on the way) Bromate >50 (I can't see the color change on the strips) The water is clear...
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    What the ...?

    Pool water is sparkling clean. This am test results: FC - 6 CC- 0 PH - 7.8 (I'll do my usual two week dose when the timer kicks the pump on this morning) CYA 80 TA 90 Borates 50 I cycle the pump for six hours at 10 am. So why are there small light green patches of what look like...
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    Okay, did something that I know NOBODY ever does...turned the hose on to top off a little bit and remembered to turn it off after returning from dinner two hours later.... Everything is now on the money, except TA is up to 100 (even using softened water) and Borates down 30. Marginal on both...
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    The TFP way

    We finally got the pool replaced this past June after waiting THREE YEARS for the rain to stop and the pool area to dry enough to put the new pool in! The old one blew out in May of 2013 and the rains started the following week. The pool area is inside the deck, at the bottom of a long slope...
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    Leak adjustment

    I'm taking care of a neighbor's pool who has moved 1000 miles away and is renting the property. The house is in a future highway right of way so he can't sell it and doesn't want to spend any more than necessary for repairs. Its an ig fg, around 4-5k gallons. I turned the tenants on to TFP as...
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    Best time to buy?

    When is the bet time to buy new pool equipment? Now after the bulk of the new pools are built and existing ones repaired? Late fall? Early spring? Black Friday? My Intex swg is getting tired, as is my 25+ year old Jacuzzi sand filter - plus it is too small. Everything is still working - so...
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    New sight glass

    Today is Independence Day! And of course the pool store is closed. And I broke the sight glass on my sand filter. I'm about to go out of town for a few days and didn't want to shut everything down and have a frog pond when I got back. (I'll have frogs anyway because I live on a swamp, but...
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    Jacuzzi sand filter issue

    Last night we had 3.5" of rain....this morning my pool is at normal level. The multiport valve on the Jacuzzi Laser 190 appears to be leaking through to the waste/backflow port. It's 25+ years old so it doesn't owe me anything. I'm leaning toward replacing the whole thing at the end of the...
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    Odd well water

    Finally got a new pool installed after 3 years. (it's complicated; I'll have a complete update in construction later.) I knew that my well water was hard, the aquifer lies under a limestone cap. But fresh water from the well read a TA of 210 with a ph of 6.8. I would have expected a much...
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    Sidewall blowout

    The sidewall (right at the skimmer, naturally) blew out of my 16'X32' oval agp. It is completely inside a deck so changing the size is not an economical option. The only two manufacturers of this size I have found so far is Cornelius and the Pool Factory. Any input about either of these? Or...
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    Actual salinity

    Here are the stats: 16X32X48 (13700 gals per pool calculator) tc - 3.5 fc- 3.5 ph - 7.4 cya - 90 ta - 80 I added 400# of salt pellets (new fill last fall, only bottled bleach and ma since) and tested with two strips - the bottle is out of date as of January. Both registered a salt level 0f...
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    Dirty Pool

    Irene ruined the water chemistry and I needed to drain and do some repairs anyway. I was delayed in doing them so my pool turned into a small swamp. I drained most of the water out (left about a foot) and removed all debris. Finished the repairs and started refilling. We are o a well; part...
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    Winter mesh cover

    I've about decided to change to a micro mesh cover this winter. I've also considered using a winterizing skimmer cover to prevent having to replace the salt and borax each spring. BUT...I don't want to overflow the pool from winter rain. My thought is to drill a small hole at the normal...
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    Repair or replace?

    I just temporarily repaired a hernia in the sidewall of our 20+ year old pool. There is other evidence of rust as well, mostly at the bottom. It's a 16X32 with a deck all the way around it. My first thought was to replace the pool this winter. But 16X32 seems to be an obsolete size. So...
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    Side wall blowout

    Our pool is old, over 20 years. I just noticed a rust through close to the cove, about two fists in size. The liner (one season old) hasn't failed ...yet. Is there any way to reinforce it sufficiently to get through the season? I suspect a new pool is in our future, since this won't be the...
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    Skimmer repair

    Opened the pool this year and have discovered a leaky skimmer gasket. Since I have to pull it out to fix it, is it worth the added expense to change to a winterizing style? I'd rather not have to add as much salt, borax, etc. next spring. My question is: How well do they work? Thanks
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    Damage control

    Last night I decided to add a little extra water - level was a bit low - since we were leaving on vacation this morning. And so I forgot to turn the water off. I'm on a well with very high dissolved iron, calcium and magnesium. It drained the softener and put I don't know how much raw water...
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    AG insulation

    Has anyone tried applying isocyanine insulation to an above ground pool? Ours is surrounded by a deck so the foam wouldn't be visible. Doing it should lengthen the season substantially. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    pump motor parts

    We live on a swamp, high water flooded my pump station. Power was off, so I've pulled the pump & motor, cleaned it up, re-lubed, etc. One of the long motor bolts was too rusted to salvage. Any sources of Jacuzzi (A.O. Smith) motor bolts? It may do fine with three, there isn't all that much...
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    Borax testing

    I boraxed the pool, love the result. We get more rain here annually than after draining my pool down several times, how do I test for borax? The TF 100 nor any other kits I've seen will do that. Thanks, y'all. TFP is GREAT!!! the Snark