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  1. JMadden

    Variations in SWG readings

    Since opening the pool this year, I’ve noticed the salt reading on the control panel to vary between 3100 - 3300. I haven’t tested this against my Taylor kit this year, but last the numbers were spot on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. JMadden

    Back open again , in Indiana

    Well.... It's open, the "pool guys" came out and uncovered the pool yesterday, I had done what i consider to be a good job of keeping the cover free of mass quantities of water and debris, that being said, they postponed the opening for 1 day due to rain and wind. and came bright and early the...
  3. JMadden

    Strainer basket in pump

    I am in need of cleaning out the strainer basket in my Hayward Max-flo VS pump. I know well enough that I need to close the ball valves on the return and drains, however, I am wondering how to release the pressure on the system before removing the lid. Also, going back together, do I need to...
  4. JMadden

    Dr. Drydens Activate / Enhance Summer

    i have elected to go with this product for my filter. I am hoping someone can shed some light on the addition of the Enhance Summer that is used in conjunction with the Activate. In my research it states that this liquid should be added monthly and replaces the use of CYA. Being the consumate...
  5. JMadden

    New to SWG

    Hello pool knowledge gurus. ‘I have made the decision to go with an SWG and have read some, not all about them. I am going with the Hayward system and was inclined to go with the AQR15 as it is capable up to 40K gallons. That being said, I contacted my PB and shared with him that I was going...
  6. JMadden

    Countdown begins

    Was just informed our pool install is 3 weeks from this past Monday... Good Lord willing and the rain is minimal..Exciting time around the household..TF100 kit arrived with speedstir Still considering going with SWCG..vs. Liquid Chlorine with Stenner pump.. Thanks much for all the data found...
  7. JMadden

    New In-Ground Pool

    Hello and thanks for the add I have contracted a local pool builder and am on the schedule for a Installation, hopefully beginning mid- July. I am a person who does a lot of research in things as I feel information is the key to success. Finding this site is a Nirvana for that to me. The pool...