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    Need shocking advice

    While I've gotten pretty good at normal BBB maintenance, this past week was a first--I went away for a week with no one attending to my pool. I put a ton of bleach in it (over shock value) before leaving, in hopes that it would last the week, but no such luck. I currently must have a chlorine...
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    "BBB" is a misnomer

    I put some Borax in my pool this week, and realized that I hardly, hardly ever put Borax in my pool. I put muriatic acid in far more frequently than I do Borax. Has this been your experience? If so, I think the method needs a new abbreviation. Something like "BM method".
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    How would you handle this pool store experience?

    I didn't know exactly which forum to post this in...apologies if it's the wrong one. By no means am I an expert, but I'm experienced with the BBB method (and with pool chemistry in general). A wind storm over the winter messed up my cover something fierce, so I wound up with a ton of leaves in...
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    Confused about CYA readings

    I have one of the good test kits, and strips also, although both were purchased about a year ago. My CYA consistently tested high last year (80-100), but I made do, and every day I swam I tried to dump out at least a hundred buckets of water. I had to refill for a while upon opening. My first...
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    Aquabot Turbo T not moving

    Hi all, A few weeks ago, I ran over the power cord to my Aquabot Turbo T power supply. My Aquabot, which I purchased this year and never had any prior problems with, sat for a couple of weeks while I took care of getting the power cord replaced. Now I put the thing back in the water
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    What happens to the water after closing?

    This is my first year of pool ownership, and I'm going to have it closed by a company soon. I assume they're going to just turn everything off and cover it up. What's going to happen in the water over the winter? Is it still susceptible to algae blooms and whatnot? How is the water likely to...
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    Filter was off for a week and a half...

    My pump died, and after several attempts at making it work, I gave up and had a new one ordered and installed. Now my pool is being filtered again after about ten days without. The water is crystal clear, other than stuff floating around in it. No signs of algae or anything like that. I did...
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    Filter/pump died? -- NEW PROBLEM

    Went out to test the pool tonight and noticed the filter wasn't on. Went out to the filter and pump, and saw the switch was in the ON position. Went inside and checked the electrical panel, and reset the circuits in question. Now, when I try and turn on the filter, I get the power...
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    What is this stuff, and should I keep it or get rid of it?

    Please see pictures below... I was cleaning out the shed I inherited (which seems to be dedicated only to pool stuff) and found some things I couldn't identify and/or didn't know whether to keep. Please let me know your thoughts! 1. This is a white bucket with a "Gator" logo on top. When...
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    What would happen if I filled my pool entirely with bleach?

    What would happen if I dove right in? What would happen as the chlorine went away? When if ever would the pool be safe?
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    Red eyes at 6ppm

    I'm doing fine so far at ~100 CYA after being quickly pool-stored after opening my pool. I am taking the time to spill out a few hundred buckets a day while I swim and long as I don't see any algae, I'm just gonna keep slowly reducing the CYA level that way. Anyways, I am running high...
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    Anyone know what's in Leslie's Ultra Bright...

    ...and if there's any downside to using it? I have a half gallon left over from the previous owner. I already have clear water from doing things the right way, and I know the BBB experts say clarifier's really not needed, but I still want to throw this stuff in a little at a time if it won't...
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    Can you dive?

    If so, how hard is it to learn? Is it more fun than just bouncing as high as you can? :)
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    Best ways to clean grease from a wooden deck?

    Things I've read online indicate that you can use cleaners and then suck up the stain with kitty litter...I actually did this for Tiki torch fluid stains on my gazebo, and it worked really well. But the gazebo is old and a darker wood, and I didn't really care about how it turned out. This is...
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    Is there any downside to algaecide?

    I have some left over from the previous owner. I know with perfect BBB, there may not be any need for algecide, but is there any downside whatsoever to throwing in a bit of algecide each week? Would it mean I could use less chlorine? How about clarifier? I have some of that left over, too...
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    A few quick questions about pH

    Does lack of filtration cause the pH to rise? My pH is usually around 7 (I try to keep it up, but it keeps going down), but on one recent test I was surprised to get a bright red that looked close to 8. Would lack of filtration/aeration (The filter shut off for a few days unbeknownst to me...
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    What are the absolute worst substances that could be put in?

    This is just for curiosity's sake--I'm not looking to sabotage my pool or anyone else's. I'm just wondering if anything could go in there that would make really really bad things happen to the pool and/or the people in it!
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    Question about Taylor K-2006 test kit

    If I am understanding the instructions properly, for the chlorine test you put 2 dippers into 25 ml of the water, and each drop that eventually turns it clear counts for .2 ppm; or you put 2 dippers into 10 ml and then each drop represents .5 ppm. I am running a high amount of chlorine and CYA...
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    CYA confusion

    With the Leslie's K-2006 test kit (the same as the good Taylor one, I believe), my CYA tests at 100+. That black dot sure disappears quickly. I was told that for BBB I'd need to drain half of my water. However, my concerns are: 1. Cheapo PoolTime test strips put my CYA at about 50. The...
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    Elk's 20 questions!

    I am pretty new to this forum, and loving it! I am so very thankful I discovered it very early in my pool ownership process (I bought my house last year, the pool hadn't been used in a few years, and I just opened it and started maintaining it last month.) I have everything to the point where...
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    Hello pool people!

    I'm Rob from Elkridge, MD. My wife Stephanie and I moved into our house last fall, and are only opening up the pool now. The previous owner had been sick, and the house took a long time to sell after his passing, so the pool water had been sitting in there covered for years. Through research...