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    Switching to swcg or automatic chlorinator

    So I just ran the numbers and i am spending at least $500 a summer on my liquid chlorine (4 a gallon at Lowe's and about 100 days and 2.5 gallons or so every 2 days). Im thinking about getting either a swcg or automatic chlorinator, both of which should significantly reduce my cost. I am pretty...
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    Adding CYA

    Moved from here. I need to add about 10 lbs of CYA (im at 0). Would i just pour it all in skimmer slowly and then let it run straight for a few days? Or can i let pump go off at night?
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    Tiles coming off the coping - NJ Coping/Tile company recommendation too?

    We are living in our house 2 years and before we moved in we had the pool inspected by a local company (Preferred Pool Inspections). The report said it is in good shape with some plaster fading away but coping all good shape. Only significant recommendation was to repair the sealant between the...
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    Do i need to regularly backwash?

    My pool guy (who i use just for opening and closing) said i do not. I keep an eye on the pressure all summer and it is always between 15 and 20. Assuming it stays there is there any reason to backwash?
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    CYA is <20 (looks like less than 10)

    So over the winter i had to drain my pool down twice (between closing and the 2 drainings, as well as the vacuum of leaves probably took out close to 4 feet). As a result my chlorine is flying out and my CYA test filled up the cylinder today and was still showing a visible black dot. I assume i...
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    Tons of leaves on bottom when opening pool - options to vacuum it out

    So last year and this year when i open my pool i pay the pool guy to vacuum the leaves that build up on the bottom.This year it cost me $220. Last year was about the same. I can't just use my dolphin, but i figure i can definitely do this on my own and buy something that will pay for itself in...
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    Mesh cover... Tons of leavea

    Last year when we opened the pool there was a ton of leaves in the pool. I see them in there again now. Is this normal? Or do. I need a new one? It looks sealed Tight so not sure where they get in from
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    Party with kids

    Having 12 adults and 12 kids ranging from 1 to 9 today. Do I add chlorine as usually or add extra?
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    Swimming in our pool when I have a cold??

    COuldn't find this anywhere - anyone have thoughts on going swimming in my own pool when I have a cold? Whole family has been fighting off a cold, but chlorine levels are all good in pool. Gonna be close to 90 today and we really want to get some use in before the end of the season. Obviously...
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    Install handrails in North Jersey

    So the pool in the home we bought does not have a handrail by the steps to the shallow or into the spa. It is difficult for little kids and older family members to get in, so i would like to have a handrail installed. Anyone here know of a company or builder that can do this? Thanks!
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    Overnight test with rain and going away for weekend

    I did an overnight free chlorine test. Was about 8.5 last night and 7.5 this am, however it rained pretty heavily overnight. pool is and was crystal clear. Can i assume this is a pass and likely impacted by the rain and retest again when no rain? Also, i am going away for 2 days. should i...
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    Testing chemistry in recently cleaned pool

    Long story short my pool (in new house) turned bright green. I had a pool company come to service it as i had no time to deal with it while moving in. They had to rebuild my filter since it apparently cracked (claimed because it was so dirty), and the skimmer lines are clogged up, running only...
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    Jandy DE filter reads no pressure

    Not sure exactly why, but I cam to pool today and the pressure was basically zero. There was very little water coming through the pipes. Normally I see a huge flow going through the filter in the picture below. Not the first time this has happened. Don't know if it's to do with needing to clean...
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    New pool has turned bright neon green!

    So we closed on a house 3 weeks ago and I imagine I am doing a lot of somethings wrong here. Pool is 20x40 with a spa. Previous owner maintained the pool himself and it was always beautiful. I have been adding 4 chlorine tablets to the skimmers each week (2 in shallow, 2 in deep) as per prior...
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    Polaris P965IQ

    Hi all, i've been browsing the site the last couple days and am still completely confused on what i need. I am closing on a house at the end of May, there is a 40x20 pool in the back with a built in (raised) spa in the corner of the shallow. Current owner has a 2 year old polaris F9550. He...